Elizabeth Olsen Shares The Best Career Advice Mary-Kate And Ashley Ever Gave Her

The Olsen twins have been a household name since they were kids, and they've managed to stay out of major Hollywood drama throughout their long career. Mary-Kate and Ashley's younger sister Elizabeth Olsen has been making her own way in the acting industry.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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Marvel fans are used to seeing Elizabeth Olsen star as Wanda Maximoff opposite Paul Bettany as Vision. She's appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron, WandaVision, and now the newest Doctor Strange. Elizabeth started doing indie films before she joined the Marvel universe, and she's still getting used to all the press that comes along with the blockbuster films. She recently took some career advice from her older sisters that has helped her put her foot down when it's necessary.

Elizabeth Olsen Shares the Best Career Advice Mary-Kate and Ashley Ever Gave Her

Elizabeth wasn't expecting her first role as Wanda to take off like it did. "I only signed on to do a couple movies, so it continues to be a surprise when they want to use me for more projects," she told Entertainment Weekly. "I've been confused by how lucky I got with them wanting to make WandaVision."

She has been outspoken in the past about her struggles with anxiety, and sometimes doing the press tour can be stressful for her.

"When we were doing press for WandaVision, I was mortified because it was the first show from the Marvel universe," she shared. "There was this total fear, and now I have this pressure all over again connecting to Doctor Strange. I just didn't have it as part of those ensemble films."

Elizabeth looks up to her sisters, who are "some of the most amazing people to look at, with what they've created for themselves and how they conduct themselves." She says she's "really in awe of what they've built," which she believes "came from having such a healthy perspective."

"I could only benefit from that healthy perspective," she continued. "I think it has informed how I conduct myself."

That's why she took a big piece of advice from her twin sisters: "'No' is a full sentence."

Elizabeth doesn't feel bad whatsoever turning down jobs or offers that don't interest her, such as presenting at awards shows. "I don't like presenting at awards shows," she admitted. "I tried, and I don't like it. It is not worth the feeling of passing out that I get, like, every time. It's just not worth it."

She has taken her sisters' advice to heart, and it's had a great impact on her career as a whole. In fact, it's a piece of advice that many of us can learn from: never underestimate the power of saying "no."