Dress Up Your Front Door For Fall With These Fun Ideas

By Paula Gallagher
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Dress Up Your Front Door For Fall With These Decor Design Tips

Ah, fall...the time of year everyone suddenly has the urge to decorate their entire house with pumpkins, fall leaves, and chrysanthemums.

And while I’ve put out my decorations for the season, I’m still drooling over what more talented people are doing with theirs. Join me in getting some inspiration and styling tips from these beautiful (and easily recreatable) front doors.

Simple Yet Chic

This look is easy to recreate! You can buy the potted chrysanthemums and the white pumpkins from Lowes or your local nursery. Signs and wreaths can be found at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Etsy. Add your favorite fall doormat, and done! If you work within a limited color palette (here bright white, muted orange, and grays), you can achieve an elegant and chic front door with just a few items. 

A Classy Halloween Theme

If you want your front door to represent your love of Halloween, try this one! The charcoal door, the black and white doormat, and the black and orange ribbon on the wreath bring in darker, spookier tones. (Plus, the double layer mats are super trendy this year! Amazon has a good selection of striped or checked outdoor rugs.) The dried cornstalks hint at cooler weather and can be found at Michaels (don’t forget your coupon!).

A Southern Fall

What do you do if you live in the South where the leaves don’t change color (gasp)? You opt for dried fronds in orange and yellow hues. Pair them with wooden boxes and a jute doormat, as well as some pumpkins, and you have a combination that celebrates fall without feeling fake or out of place in your natural habitat. You can use a doormat with a more fall-specific message to up the fall flavor if you want.

Minimal but Bold

Say a lot with a little! Using solid strong colors like straight black, white, and bright orange makes a big impression with just a few pieces. (Notice the double layer doormat? I told you they were trendy!) Pick a matching set of simply constructed wreaths (to stay minimal) with an overall solid and bright color (to get bold). Choose pumpkins that vary in height from each other and from the matching lanterns to create visual interest with just a few pieces. If you opt for fake pumpkins, you could source this entire look from someplace like HomeGoods or Target. 

The Abundance of Fall

Ok, so this one might be a little trickier to replicate, but if your style is to go all in, this door is the door for you! The benefit of abundance is that it can afford to be a little messier and less “on purpose” looking. Visit your local nursery or pumpkin patch for specialty pumpkins and the mums, and check your local feed store for hay bales. Use burlap ribbon from a craft store to tie up your cornstalks. Walking up to this door feels like strolling through the corn maze and the pumpkin patch at the same time; what better way to celebrate the traditional abundance of harvest season?

Go Pink or Go Home

Not a fan of orange? Then go all pink! The pink pumpkins on the floor and hanging on the door, together with the fall-themed sign, make this charming color applicable to the season. Don’t be afraid to make your fall decor work for you! Check out Factory Direct Craft online for an assortment of pink pumpkins and Etsy for pumpkin garlands.

Blue Goes with Pumpkins

I love this pastel display! You can emphasize the pastel palette with jarrahdale (light blue), fairytale (light orange), and enchantment (white) pumpkins. Visit your local nursery for specialty pumpkins. Add items like the distressed wheelbarrow and sign, the blue patterned outdoor rug, and the white pumpkin wreath to tie the blues and whites together.

Black and White

This farmhouse fall front door setup is classy and charming, and I want it to be mine! The black lanterns and buffalo check outdoor rug (layers again!) tie in with the black door and sconces. Visual interest is created by stacking wooden crates and white pumpkins at different heights. It’s still simple and chic, but it uses more pieces than a minimalist display.

Closing Thoughts

There are so many ways to decorate for fall! Pick a style you love and get going! Don’t be afraid to paint your front door — it will make a big impact on your display. Celebrate with a pumpkin spice latte when you’re done.

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