Dress Like Alexa Chung, The Cool Girl To End All Cool Girls

By Nicole Andre
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Dress Like Alexa Chung, The Cool Girl To End All Cool Girls

If anyone is qualified to host “Next in Fashion,” it’s Alexa Chung. The 5’8” model, designer, and writer has a style worth recreating.

If you don’t know who Alexa Chung is, you’re missing out. The model and fashion designer is funny, stylish, and delightfully British. Outside of modeling and having her own clothing line, Alexa finds herself busy hosting different TV shows. Most recently she hosted Next in Fashion alongside cohost Tan France. If you’re at all interested in fashion, I highly recommend you check it out. Her presence takes an already engaging show and makes it that much better. 

She also has a YouTube channel that everyone should subscribe to. She shares valuable information about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in her tutorial videos with a side of humor that makes each video effortlessly charming.

And if it wasn’t clear that this style icon and industry insider knows her stuff, the fact that she was chosen by British Vogue to host their Future of Fashion documentary series all about the ins and outs of the industry should tell you that she knows what she’s talking about. 

If I haven’t convinced you of her wonderfully eclectic style and personality yet, this list of everything you’ll see her in surely will. 


A big part of Alexa Chung’s style is practicality. She loves fashion, but she’s also not super uptight about it and wears what makes her feel comfortable. This overalls, sweater, beanie, and sneakers combination that she manages to pull off is the perfect example of that. 

High heels wouldn’t have done very well on this hike, but Alexa managed to put together a cute and practical outfit by utilizing cute yet functional boots and great color coordination.

Sweaters Are a Style Essential

One style must for Alexa is sweaters (or should I say jumpers?). She really loves bright, fun sweaters and pairs them in countless ways to create a ton of different outfits. Cozy and cute? Count me in!

Long Dresses

Maxi dresses are a style staple for Alexa. I think modern women tend to reserve dresses for special occasions, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Pair a long dress with flats, loafers, sandals, or even sneakers, and you have a great outfit that you’ll find is surprisingly comfortable for your daily activities.

Knitwear and Collars Are a Must-Do

One big element in Alexa’s style is collars, she wears them really often. One of her favorite pairings is with a sweater of some sort. To me, this is a very British look in the sense that it’s very neat (or as they would say, “smart”). The collar makes a look more put together, but keeps the overall vibe very casual.

Great Coat

Alexa was totally on point when she said, “Looking effortless takes a lot of effort.” But one thing that can help make it easier is having a good coat to throw on as you walk out the door. Try to pick coats that are more neutral and are high quality, so they’ll elevate any outfit you wear them with.

Style the Same Piece in Different Ways

Bored with your clothes? It’s time to go shopping in your own closet. (Your wallet will thank you!) Dress things up or down, and take it from style pro Alexa Chung, it really is worth it to get dressed even when nobody is going to see you because, at the end of the day, the value of a good outfit always comes back to how it makes you feel. 

Find All the Ways To Wear Denim

Whether it’s a denim dress, skirt, overalls, or jeans, Alexa is almost sure to find a way to incorporate denim into her outfit. It’s a surefire way to ensure that your outfit stays casual, which lets you incorporate more dressy pieces than you otherwise could.

You Should Be Wearing a Button-Down Often

If you aren’t wearing a button-down on the regular, you’re doing it wrong. This is such a versatile piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe. It will get you from the office, to a basketball game, to a dinner party. 

Rock the Kitten Heels

What’s just as chic as the stiletto, but way more comfortable? The kitten heel! High heels are pretty, but when you’re going to be wearing an outfit all day then kitten heels or the perfect pair of flats are the way to go. 

Try Out a Basket Bag

It seems all her traveling for her job as a model led to Alexa picking up a thing or two from French women’s style. In France, basket bags are everywhere during the spring and summer, and clearly Alexa approves.

Break Out Your Black Blazer

I think the essence of cool girl style is knowing how to wear your basics in lots of different ways. And the black blazer is one Alexa wears all the time. (You should too!)

Embrace Ruffles

Alexa also doesn’t shy away from incorporating ruffles and frills into her outfit. Those small details can make a look much more feminine. 

Get Inspired

As you might expect from a fashion designer, Alexa lets herself be inspired by the world around her. If you like ballet like she does, take inspiration from it. Our favorite way is to wear ballet inspired workout clothes. Clearly, Alexa is also into feminine fitness!

Closing Thoughts

Alexa Chung has amazing style, but she still somehow manages to show her humor and charm in her outfits with little twists that you might not expect. So don’t get too caught up on rules, just keep style principles in mind and include basics in your outfit to keep yourself on track. 

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