Dove's Super Bowl Commercial Misses The Real Reason Why Women's Sports Are Declining

Dove, a brand once recognized for its commitment to women, recently found itself at the center of a heated debate following its Super Bowl commercial. The ad explained that 45% of young girls are dropping out of sports, and Dove cited " low body confidence" as the leading cause. However, the response from the public was swift and critical, with many arguing that Dove's analysis misses a significant and obvious issue—the inclusion of male athletes in women's sports.

By Carmen Schober1 min read
Pexels/cottonbro studio

Critics took to social media to voice their concerns, suggesting that the real reason behind the declining female participation in sports is likely the unfair competition they face against male athletes. Hundreds of comments on X underscored the frustration felt by many.

This sentiment was echoed by another user named CJ who implored Dove to acknowledge the real challenges female athletes face, saying, "Women are quitting sports because they no longer have safe, fair sports and their attempts to speak about this have been met with vitriol, cancellation, and attacks. Where’s the incentive to play sports when you know a male-bodied athlete will beat you? Do something about THAT."

The backlash highlights a broader societal debate about the fairness and safety of women's sports. Unsurprisingly, Dove's commercial completely glossed over the most pressing issue for female athletes, which is the rapid rate at which they're being sidelined in their own sports thanks to "progressive" gender ideologies.

Despite the clear evidence from countless studies and expert reports highlighting the significant physical advantages that males retain over females (advantages that persist even after the administration of cross-sex hormones or testosterone blockers) progressives continue to push for policies that not only discourage women from pursuing sports but actually put them in danger when they do. These advantages include, but are not limited to, greater muscle strength, bone density, and cardiovascular capacity. Obviously, these kinds of physiological disparities can and do displace top-tier female athletes, turning the dream of fair competition into an unreachable goal.

While Dove's commercial intended to spark a conversation on body confidence, the backlash it received highlights the real issue at the heart of women's sports today. Dove and other brands that bow down to progressive mobs are part of the problem, not the solution.

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