Demi Lovato Shares Intimate Details Of Being Raped As A Teenager And Tells Young Girls "It's Not Ok" To Date Older Men

She started her career on the Disney channel, but Demi Lovato has since become a household hame who is known for her powerful vocals and strong opinions on various social issues. She recently made an appearance on the popular "Call Her Daddy" podcast where she opened up about her experiences at Disney as a teenager and the devastating sexual assault she faced.

By Gina Florio2 min read
demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been in the headlines recently for her announcement that she preferred they/them pronouns, then again shortly afterwards for claiming that she preferred she/they pronouns. In the meantime, she released a new album called "Holy Fvck" and during her "Call Her Daddy" interview, she opened up about some of the lyrics that were inspired by her real-life events when she was a teenager working for Disney.

Demi Lovato Shares Intimate Details Of Being Raped As A Teenager And Tells Young Girls "It's Not Ok" To Date Older Men

In the teaser for the episode, Demi talks about "the golden era of Disney" when she was featured on the channel as a teenager. Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, Zac Efron and Selena Gomez were also starring on Disney around the same time.

"That pressure of 'You're replaceable' was always there and I was paying for the roof over my whole family's head," Demi said. "I would even go so far to say that there was a brainwashing element to it." She told Alex that they barricaded her inside her hotel room at one point by putting furniture in front of the door so she couldn't get out.

Alex then turned Demi's attention toward one of her new songs called "29." She read some of the lyrics aloud: "Too young to drink wine / just five years a bleeder / student and a teacher / far from innocent / what the fuck is consent / numbers told you not to / but that didn't stop you." This is when they started talking about Demi being raped as a teenager.

In the documentary Dancing with the Devil, Demi shared that she was actually a virgin when she was raped. That song "29" was a way to express herself and heal the trauma she experienced.

“I think in a way, time can heal wounds. Maybe not all of them. The more time that has gone by, the easier it has gotten,” Demi said. “But there’s still a sadness, a deep sadness inside of me that someone took that from me at such a young age."

The guy who raped her was "also on Disney" and seeing him around "was difficult and it really messed up my teenage years," Demi said. She finally decided to get help so she could work through her trauma rather than keep the secret inside of her. “It’s been something that I’ve worked on, but you know, I've had other traumas happen, and it kind of pushes those to the side a little bit, but there are moments where I definitely will cry and just feel the sad,” she said.

“And to be clear, like it wasn't anyone in the immediate Disney circle," Demi clarified. "I've had people ask questions like, ‘Was it this person or was it that person?’ And it was like, ‘I don't think it'd be anybody that anyone would guess, but they were friends with someone on set and they'd come around [all] the time.’”

Demi also sent a clear message to young women out there: "If you're a young girl and you think it's sexy or fun to date older men, it's not okay." She doesn't give too many details about the man who raped her, but it was clearly a guy who was older than her and took advantage of her innocence and youth.