Dating App Survey Shows 45% Of Gen Z Is Changing Their Dating Habits To Focus Less On Hookup Culture

You may think Gen Z is the generation that loves to hookup, without much interest at all in dating for the long run. However, recent data released by popular dating app Hinge suggests that they're less interested in hookup culture than ever before.

By Gina Florio1 min read
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The coronavirus lockdowns changed the world as we know it, especially when it comes to dating. Young singles had a rough time for the past couple years as their love life got turned upside down. It used to be easy to just go on a date with someone you met online, but once restaurants and bars closed down for months on end, Gen Z was suddenly left with no in-person dating options. However, this may have produced some positive outcomes.

Dating App Survey Shows 45% of Gen Z Is Changing Their Dating Habits to Focus Less on Hookup Culture

Coronavirus forced a lot of people to reset their lives, and Gen Z experienced something of a reset in their dating life. New data released from the popular dating app Hinge suggests that they're less interested in hookup culture than ever before. In fact, 45% of users said that the lockdowns resulted in them changing their dating habits for the better.

Nearly 40% of Hinge singles said they are more choosy about who they're going on a date with, rather than just saying yes to anyone they feel like they can score a hookup with. Out of that group, 91% said they made this change because they didn't want to waste time dating someone who wasn't right for them. Quite the departure from hookup culture.

Additionally, young singles are done playing games. They want to operate more honestly and be candid about their feelings for one another. This also leads them to look for someone they have a deep connection with, not just a physical attraction. Longterm relationships are the primary goal now.

97% of users said they want to date someone who takes care of their mental health, while 86% said they're more likely to go on a second date with someone if they're going to therapy. Also, 59% of singles on Hinge are focusing on themselves and making sure they're in a good place mentally and emotionally before they jump into a relationship.

Considering the fact that mainstream machines, such as entertainment and media, have been pushing hookup culture on young singles for a long time, these statistics are reassuring. Looks like there may be hope for Gen Z after all.