Darren Barnet Joins Victoria's Secret As The Brand's First Male Ambassador To Promote Their "Gender-Free Collection"

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The lingerie brand Victoria's Secret has always been synonymous with pink underwear, beautiful women, and its annual runway show. But the brand is taking a different turn with a new ambassador.

Victoria's Secret newest ambassador looks a little different than the ambassadors we've seen in the past, and it might have something to do with the fact that it's a man. It was announced this week that Darren Barnet is the latest brand ambassador for the global lingerie brand.

Darren Barnet Announces He Is the Latest Brand Ambassador for Victoria's Secret

If you've seen the Netflix series Never Have I Ever, you might recognize Darren Barnet, who plays Paxton Hall-Yoshida. In an Instagram post, Barnet shared the news that he is Victoria's Secret's newest PINK ambassador.

"I can finally share the news! am honored to be joining @vspink as a brand ambassador!" he wrote in the caption. "I will helping to launch new styles in their gender free collection while also supporting their initiatives in empowering young adults and mental health awareness."

"I am beyond excited to share some of these new styles but I am even more grateful that I can be a part of a good cause," he continued. "I wish mental health was more of a focus when I was a teenager and my hope is that we can reach those young adults who need to be heard and supported most."

Victoria's Secret "gender-free collection" includes tees, shorts, accessories, and more. While it's great to see the brand expand to offer different apparel than what we've seen before, the whole concept of "gender-free" seems like a desperate attempt to stay relevant to the radical narrative that tries to push a genderless society.

There's nothing wrong with Barnet being part of the campaign, but we can't help but wonder why a women's brand that used to create apparel and lingerie for women even needs to bring on a male ambassador? Is it not enough to make clothes just for women anymore? Does everything have to turn genderless these days?

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