Danica Patrick Reveals Details Of Her Breast Implant Illness That Caused Hair Loss, Heavy Metal Poisoning, And More

It's all too common to see women get breast implants these days, and just about every celebrity you know and love has had the popular surgery done. Danica Patrick is opening up about the devastating effects that her implants had on her health.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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Danica Patrick has been battling health issues for the last two years, and they all stem from her breast implants. She finally had surgery last week to remove the implants. She's now sharing her story for everyone to hear, encouraging women everywhere to understand the risks of this common procedure.

Danica Patrick Had Breast Implant Surgery in 2014

Patrick shares that she simply got her breasts enhanced when she was 32 years old because she wanted to "have it all." She was "really fit" but insecure about the fact that her breasts were small. "Everything went well, and I was happy with them," she wrote in an Instagram caption. A few days ago, she opened up even more about why she decided to get breast implants.

"I wish I could of told this 32 year old girl that boobs won’t make you more perfect or have it all or be more feminine," she wrote. "These were my reasons and to me these narratives are the problem. Implants just feed into it. Culture feeds into it. Social media feeds into it. Filters feed into it. Unhealed trauma feeds into it."

"The work is always an inside job," she continued. "The real question is – how can I do the emotional work to see myself as perfect, having it all, and feminine? When we do that, we won’t seek outside validation or a way to get it."

Although Patrick was happy with her decision originally, she later realized just how dangerous those implants were to her body.

Danica Patrick Reveals Details of Her Breast Implant Illness That Caused Hair Loss, Heavy Metal Poisoning, and More

Patrick has been unleashing details about her breast implant illness, which isn't discussed very much, but it's something that many women face after opting in for implant surgery. In 2020 Patrick noticed some symptoms that were worrisome, including menstrual cycle irregularity, weight gain, and hair loss.

"[M]y hair wasn't looking healthy at all and my face was a different shape (weird I know)," she wrote. "So I went down the rabbit hole to figure it out. I did every test that could be done."

"Here is my list of symptoms and out of range medical tests – hypothyroidism; heavy metal toxicity; dysbiosis, 10/10; severe leaky gut; hypoglycemic; low estrogen, DHEA, testosterone, magnesium, white blood count, vitamin D, and progesterone; adrenal fatigue, no AM cortisol spike; elevated CRP (inflammatory marker); temperature sensitivity; swollen lymph nodes in my neck; dry scalp/skin; weird perspiration smell sometimes; easy to get dizzy; achy hands from time to time; face swelling; weight gain; capsular contracture (they were both folded from the amount of scar tissue); hair loss."

The before-and-after picture Patrick shared was right before the surgery to remove her implants and a couple hours after the surgery was done. "Within hours after surgery this is what I noticed – my face had more color and less dark circles (no food before the second pic), my face started producing oil again, I could take a 30% deeper breath into my chest already, and I had so much energy when I woke up (and surgery was at 230pm)," she wrote.

This weekend she also shared a clip of an interview she did on The Pretty Intense Podcast with Dr. Shaun Parson, in which she detailed her long journey with breast implant illness.

She urges people to share her experience with other women so they're familiar with the symptoms of breast implant illness. "If you know someone struggling, please share it with them," she wrote in the caption. "There’s a wide variety of symptoms that also include anxiety, joint pain, depression, brain fog and extreme fatigue which I didn’t have..... I’m just one story."