Dane Cook, 51, Marries Girlfriend Kelsi Taylor, 24, And People Are Wondering When They Really Started Dating

The well-known comedian is 27 years older than his new wife, who he has reportedly been dating for six years. That would mean she was 18 years old when they first became romantically involved. However, people are speculating that Taylor was groomed into becoming Cook's wife.

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Comedian and actor Dane Cook, 51, married his fiancée, fitness instructor Kelsi Taylor, 24, in an intimate wedding ceremony on September 23 at a private estate in O’ahu, Hawaii, alongside 20 guests. The couple chose Hawaii due to its significance in their relationship, as one of their first vacation destinations. The celebration was designed to mirror a minimal garden party, adorned with bright, bold florals by Designs by Hemingway, aiming for understated beauty.

Dane Cook, 51, Marries Girlfriend Kelsi Taylor, 24, and People Are Wondering When They Really Started Dating

The event, organized by Katie Jansen from Stylish Details Events, included several gatherings like a welcome BBQ, a jazz bar night, a beach day, and a pool party, aimed to offer a connected and enjoyable experience to their closest friends and family, providing a week of vacation with the wedding in the middle. For the walk down the aisle, Taylor wore the "Solstice Gown" from Grace Loves Lace paired with the "Grace" veil and clear heels from Amina Muaddi, celebrating the simplicity, comfort, and detailed stitching of the dress. The couple opted for traditional vows, accompanied by a handwritten letter shared privately between them.

The ceremony ambiance was filled with the tune of “Marry Me” by Train, which has emotional significance for Taylor, and post-ceremony, the newlyweds were greeted with “You Make My Dreams” by Daryl Hall & John Oates. The reception ambiance was characterized by soft and sultry vibes, where Taylor appeared in a blush gown by Katie May. Guests enjoyed a meal under string lights with an '80s music background, offering a nostalgic essence significant to both Cook and Taylor. The catering, provided by Memoirs Hawaii, included diverse options like seared beef tenderloin and salads, along with a variety of cakes from A Cake Life and Erin McKenna's Bakery, including vegan and gluten-free vanilla.

The couple's love story apparently began at a game night hosted by Cook, evolving from friendship to love. Cook shared that he feels privileged to have Taylor as his wife, emphasizing the mutual support and championing in their relationship. They met their marital journey with a commitment to love each other eternally and a promise to be present through every moment of life.

Cook and Taylor continue to reflect on their special bond with Hawaii, highlighting the heartwarming resilience of Hawaiians amidst recent tragedies like fires. Cook is scheduled to perform at The Laugh Factory in LA on October 5 in a benefit show supporting the Maui Strong Fund, with all proceeds going to the foundation. He expressed his desire to contribute to the healing of the land and people that have a special place in his and Taylor’s hearts.

Reportedly, Cook and Taylor had been dating for six years before getting married. That would place her at the barely legal age of 18 when they first got together. Many people are skeptical about this math and believe that Taylor was groomed before her legal age. To put it into perspective, Taylor was still in diapers when Cook was essentially at the height of his career. When she is 30 years old, he will be 57. If they have a child in the next few years, that child will graduate high school when Cook is around 70 years old.

Taylor has turned off the comments on her Instagram page, likely because she is being bombarded with responses from people who are, quite frankly, turned off by this age gap and how ill-fitting this couple looks together. Cook looks like he is her father or an uncle who is trying to dress young—and that's because he is the age of someone who could be her father or uncle. Taylor's page shows that she is very interested in health and fitness, and she also seems to enjoy the lifestyle that Cook offers her, complete with traveling and shopping and dining out and attending red carpet events.

Who knows? Maybe the couple really is in love, but nobody can deny that their age gap is creepy at best, and few people are expecting this duo to last once Cook hits his 80s and needs assistance to go to the bathroom.

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