Daisy Clementine Wants You To Meet Evie

Daisy Clementine Wants You To Meet Evie

Millions of women across America have been forgotten by the publishing world. They’re tired of having to go to trashy or politically biased sites and magazines just to get quality reads on health, beauty, and more. For years, these publications have focused on proving how women are great by showing how they can be just like men. Not us.

We focus on women and celebrate what makes us so wonderfully unique. Because men can’t be us. And the ones who know that are the ones who love us the most.

With that in mind, we’d like you to meet Evie. She’s the next-generation digital publication for women covering the most interesting and important subjects of our lives. Her mission is to empower, educate, and entertain you with the highest quality content that affirms your femininity, encourages virtue, and offers a more honest perspective than the biased agenda of other publications.

You want stories about the things that matter most, and we want to deliver them in the most enjoyable way possible. That’s why we’ve built you one of the fastest, safest, most technologically advanced sites on the internet. And she’s continually improving, right along with you.

We believe that if you seek the truth, you’ll find beauty (the kind that really matters). So whether you’re a student, a professional, or a homemaker, Evie’s got you covered. She was made for women like you, because we are women like you.

In the Hills and forests of Los Angeles, California, world-renowned celebrity photographer John Russo captured Daisy Clementine Smith for Evie’s first digital cover. Daisy and her siblings have been taking the modeling world by storm, from features in Vogue to covers for Harper’s Bazaar, in addition to walking the most coveted runways and shooting international ad campaigns for global brands.

“I’m really excited about Evie because it's the first of its kind. I love consuming content that is uplifting and aligns with my personal values. It’s really cool that it’s aware of today’s world yet embraces the things we love and the challenges that face us from a different perspective.”

The Smiths are total sibling goals. In addition to their stunning genetics and adorably unique names, they’re incredibly close. “Growing up, the importance of family and loving one another were huge for us," she says. "My family are truly my best friends. They’re so supportive and unconditionally loving."

The most important thing I can do in my life is to treat everyone around me with kindness, so I treat everyone as a part of my family.”

That kindness she talks about is infectious. In a world where so much negativity consumes conversations, she’s a genuine ray of sunshine. “We live in America,” she says, “where every day is never too late to change your life completely. I LOVE this country. It’s a place for dreamers and doers with endless possibilities. I’m very blessed to have been born here.”

That ray of sunshine has many shades: there’s the girl-next-door charm that exudes curiosity; the edgy playfulness you’d find in a “rock chick” (because she is one on occasion!); then there’s that graceful elegance, a kind of quiet confidence that doesn’t demand to be respected, it just is.

I asked her what she does to look the way she does, then we talked about the complicated health crisis facing women. On one hand, Hollywood and the fashion world has promoted unrealistic beauty standards for decades that have caused millions of young women to struggle with confidence. On the other hand, we’re reaching epidemic levels of obesity and heart disease. Her advice? It’s all about balance and respecting your body.

“I’ve had to learn to avoid extremes. Extreme diets, either healthy or unhealthy, do not serve me. I just do my best every day to respect my body, and I don’t get too obsessive with it.”

As the sun began to set, we both wondered why Evie is the first of its kind. I remember standing in grocery checkout lines with my mom as a young teen and being confused by the so-called “empowering” advice that the most popular women’s magazines were giving. I can’t help but think they’ve played a significant role in the emotional issues women are facing today. In the face of more equality and opportunity than ever before in history, so many women are struggling with unfulfillment and depression. When I asked her what she thought one of the biggest lies sold to women was, she said...

“You have to do (fill in the blank) to be happy” - that is such nonsense! To sell the story that some material thing will give you happiness takes away our individual power to create the life we want for ourselves.”