Cosmopolitan Just Released The First Magazine Cover Created By Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, but we're just now seeing its full potential and what it's capable of. Cosmopolitan is the first magazine to dive deep into the possibilities of AI.

Cosmopolitan editors teamed up with the AI research lab OpenAI and a digital artist named Karen X. Cheng. Together they created the first magazine cover that was designed by AI, and it apparently only took 20 seconds to make.

Cosmopolitan Just Released the First Magazine Cover Created by Artificial Intelligence

The technology is called DALL-E 2 and it takes requests from the users in order to create a brand new image. DALL-E 2 creates these photos by surveying hundreds of millions of images that have been created in the past. For example, you can type in a phrase like "dog walking across water" and DALL-E 2 will create its own image of it.

Cosmopolitan shared a brief video of DALL-E 2 creating a brand new image of Darth Vader wearing hot pink lipstick and a gown. It's pretty cool to see it play out in real time.

The technology is still in the "preview" phase and Cosmopolitan is quick to point out that most of the images of people that DALL-E 2 creates is of white people, and this is "problematic." There is of course also the concern of anthropomorphizing it, which makes many people feel uncomfortable. Nobody wants to even entertain the idea of DALL-E 2 turning into an autonomous entity.

Nevertheless, this is an exciting development that will only pave the way for more AI magazine covers in the future.

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