Congress Confirms Joe Biden Winner Of 2020 Presidential Election

By Paula Gallagher··  1 min read
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Joe Biden Confirmed Winner Of 2020 Presidential Election

Congress formally confirmed that Joe Biden won the presidential election early Thursday morning.

Following a disruption by protestors, the House and the Senate reconvened Wednesday evening to finish certifying the electoral votes. According to NBC, “The count of Biden's 306 votes to President Donald Trump's 232 was finished in proceedings that lasted until 3:40 a.m.” Vice President Mike Pence announced the final results. 

Trump finally acknowledged his loss (despite still insisting on election fraud) and committed to an “orderly transition.”

Trump’s statement was posted to Twitter by his social media director Dan Scavino as Trump has been temporarily banned from Twitter. Facebook has also banned Trump from posting at least until inauguration, and possible longer, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Trump was also locked out of his Instagram account yesterday.

The inauguration will be on January 20.

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