Communism Isn’t Sexy, It’s Dangerous And Destructive

For over half a century, Bernie Sanders has tried to bring forth a socialist revolution in America. But it wasn’t until a young and attractive Latina named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez started selling it that Americans began flirting with the idea of full-blown Communism.

By S.G. Cheah2 min read
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Now, obviously AOC didn’t bring upon the socialist revolution on her own. She’s merely the good-looking sales rep a marketing expert would use as a front in order to generate public interest. In this instance, the product she’s selling is the outdated, dangerous, and destructive ideas of Marxism. 

People who were initially turned off by Marxism, Communism, and Socialism (because it reeks of crusty old men) stopped and paid attention when it was peddled by a young, and slim cool gal fresh out of college. As modern politics devolve into “just show business for ugly people,” AOC exemplified the “hot girl privilege” which Bernie Sanders lacked. 

“Socialism Is the Future of the Democratic Party”

In one of her first television interviews after winning her Congressional seat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told audiences on The View that “no person should be too poor to live in America.” Helping the poor is her main political goal because that’s the essence of Democratic Socialism. Socialism is supposedly the more compassionate system compared to the ruthless capitalist system which exploits the poor.

Though it’s nice to hear these empty platitudes, someone should inform AOC that being poor is not a sin. While financial hardship is not ideal, the idea of someone else living in poverty should not be thought of as a condemnable state. Yet this is how a Socialist thinks. To be poor is to be pathetic and helpless, thus it’s up to the Socialists to champion and save “the little people” from the evil and greedy capitalist. 

“No Person in America Should Be Too Poor To Live”

Observe this narcissism in action when the most privileged segment of our society, rich kids who attended prep school and fancy colleges, going around destroying other people’s property in the name of “helping the working-class poor.” Don’t be surprised when the same people who call on abolishing the police also happens to live in gated communities with private security

The poor are still poor in countries where Socialism was adopted.

Once the guilt trip from the Socialist’s emotional manipulation is removed, the true debate on how a society should help the poor boils down to either a system of voluntary generosity of individuals under the free market vs. the mandatory redistribution of wealth under Socialism. And for this debate, the evidence is clear – the poor are still poor in countries where Socialism was adopted, while American capitalism created the most generous country in the entire world. 

“Poor People Have No Choice but To Riot”

We rarely talk about this, but if you take a moment to think about it, Marxists who constantly “champion the poor,” like AOC and Bernie Sanders, come from a position of arrogance and condescension towards the working class. The soft bigotry of low expectations explains why they think the poor lack morality or self-control and will resort to looting, rioting, and criminal activities in the face of hardship

They think the poor lack morality or self-control and will resort to criminal activities in the face of hardship. 

The Marxist BLM movement is a prime example of this bigotry. What started with a seemingly harmless flirtation with AOC’s Democratic Socialism turned into the full-fledged implementation of Marx’s Communist Manifesto on the streets of America today. From abolishing the police to abolishing private property, BLM is ushering in a movement towards Communism.

Closing Thoughts

Behind their veil of “compassion for the poor,” what the Socialists won’t tell you is how they’re in fact exploiting the suffering of the poor as a license to extort “the rich” and “the successful.” Exploiting the helpless for their own crusade has been part of the Communist tactic since the very beginning. From children, to minorities, or “the working poor,” there’s never an underprivileged group the Socialists won’t use as a prop for them to gain power over others. 

For more than half a century, freedom-loving Americans ignored these dangerous Commie hacks like Bernie Sanders because we had better things to do with our time. While Socialist nations where busy murdering millions of their own citizens for their Marxist revolution, the American capitalists were busy doing more useful and sexier things like putting a man on the moon and inventing the personal computer to bring upon the internet revolution. And like clockwork, once the capitalist system creates something, the Socialists will emerge to start seizing the fruits of America’s capitalist success, yet again.