Chrissy Teigen Deletes 60,000 Tweets And Blocks 1M People On Twitter After Accusations Of Visiting Epstein's "Pedophile Island"

Chrissy Teigen has been busy the last two days on Twitter...deleting and blocking.

By Jane Swift1 min read
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The 34-year-old model recently became the target of a conspiracy theory which claims that she’s connected to Jeffrey Epstein. This theory alleges that her name appears on the flight logs of Epstein’s private flights to his “pedophile island” of Little St. James. It cites the fact that Teigen has been deleting thousands of tweets as further proof of her alleged misconduct (60,000 to be exact). PageSix asserts that Teigen’s name never appears on the manifests and points out that she herself would have been a minor at the time. 

Teigen says she has been deleting old tweets and blocking people out of fear of the Twitter mob and to protect her family. 

Criticism is spilling over onto her Instagram account, where the comments on her two latest posts (pictures of her children) are calling her a pedophile and leaving pizza emojis (implying a connection to #PizzaGate and pedophile rings).

Teigen has also worked with Charles Wade, a Black Lives Matter activist who was charged with sex trafficking in 2016. Teigen and her husband John Legend teamed up with Wade and his organization Operation Help or Hush to feed protesters in New York City in December 2014.

When criticized for being defensive, Teigen asserted that it was reasonable for her to be defensive: “Everyone thinking I’m guilty because I’m defensive. You understand you are calling me a pedophile, correct?”

Her defensiveness might be reasonable, but public opinion is looking at screenshots of old tweets that range from strange to disturbing —  even when taken with a grain of salt and a sense of humor.

Whether Chrissy Teigen’s tweets are just a result of unfiltered thoughtlessness, or there’s actually something darker going on under the surface, it’s too early to tell.