Chrissy Teigen Celebrates 1 Year Of Sobriety And Reminisces On The Past When She Was Drunk And "My Eyes Just Look Gone"

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Alcohol consumption is all too common in our society, especially in Hollywood. Although Chrissy Teigen was a regular consumer of booze, she has just completed one year of sobriety and is sharing the details of her experience.

A mother of two, the wife of a musical sensation, and a cookbook author, Chrissy Teigen is used to living in the limelight. But she is opening up about one part of her life that not many people know about: living one year without any alcohol.

Chrissy Teigen Celebrates One Year of Sobriety

In an Instagram post yesterday, Chrissy writes about abstaining from alcohol for one full year. "Not a drop of alcohol in 365 days!" she wrote in the caption. "I miss feeling loopy and carefree sometimes, but to be honest toward the end, it didn't give that fun feeling anymore anyhow."

She says she was drinking "to end crazy anxiety," but she realized last year that the anxiety only really went away when she stopped drinking. Chrissy says she feels "really good," but she gets "really frustrated" when she thinks back to the days when she was drinking.

"There are pictures from huge moments in life where my eyes just look…gone," she shared. "Some are from real work shoots, some just beach days with the family. While I honestly STILL don’t know if I’ll never have a drink again, I do know I never want to be that way again. And for now, none is best. I’ll let the bad dreams come up and try to sort them out in therapy, without booze."

She remembers a time when an Outback Steakhouse chef came to her home to show her and her friends how to make a bloomin' onion. "I drank cafe patron and fell asleep," she recalled, and she missed out on that moment with her loved ones. She jokes about "a blooming onion redo" and tagged Outback in the caption.

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