Chriselle Lim Has Cool Mom Style (Psst…It’s Still Cool If You Aren’t a Mom)

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influencer Chriselle Lim Has Cool Mom Style (Psst…It’s Still Cool If You Aren’t a Mom)

Chriselle Lim has style so cool that non-moms (including myself) are trying to replicate her look.

Chriselle Lim is the ultimate cool mom. The Korean-American fashionista and influencer is also a mother to two daughters, Colette and Chloe. (How cute are her and her daughter’s matching C-names?) 

She started her own blog called The Chriselle Factor and has acquired an impressive 1.3 million Instagram followers. 

You may have also heard of her as “Rich Mom” per her very popular TikTok videos where she embraced the moniker given to her in a viral tweet with a photo a girl took of her in the airport. Lim chose to have fun with it and describes it as her “alter ego” — this woman who is just totally fabulous and embraces the glamour of her life rather than trying to downplay it or hide it to appear more relatable.

Outside of the influencer world, Lim has founded two businesses, Bümo Work and Bümo Brain. Bümo Work is a communal workspace company that provides childcare, while its sister company Bümo Brain is an online education program for young children. Much of her life has been shaped by being a mother. We love to see women who embrace how that can actually help their career grow into new avenues! You don’t have to be a “boss babe” who has no time for her kids to be a savvy businesswoman. 

As for how motherhood has affected her sense of style, Lim explains that she’s “always looking for an excuse to get dressed up. But instead of heels, [she’ll] usually wear a pair of sneakers. Instead of silk trousers, [she’ll] go with wide-legged jeans.” Knowing how to look chic while still staying comfortable and casual is a real skill! So whether or not you have kids, we could all learn a thing or two from this cool mama about how to get ready for the day.

Neutral Foundation

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the foundation of any great wardrobe is the neutrals — the whites, blacks, and tans that can go with anything else you have in your closet and look like a whole new outfit. 

Pastel Pops

An entirely neutral wardrobe can be really pretty if you just naturally gravitate towards that. But for the rest of us, a little bit of color is a must. Figure out what your color scheme is going to veer towards and stick to it! Pastels are a great fit for Lim, especially this time of year. You can even rotate the color scheme of your accent pieces with the seasons. 

The Blazer

Lim is living proof that a blazer can be dressed up or down to fit the different occasions in your life. This working mama makes them pass for work, casual playtime with her girls, and a holiday party. So take notes and go shopping in your own closet. Some of the best outfits happen when you get creative!


Couldn’t we all step up our accessories game? Lim is the queen of headbands! They’re the perfect accessory to add to make an outfit go from okay to head-turning. 

Feminine Dresses

Is there anything in this world that can make a woman feel more like a superstar than the right dress? You’ll know it when you put it on. Trust me, ladies, we don’t wear hardly enough dresses in the day-to-day, considering how much confidence they give us when we have the right one. 


If I were to open up your drawers, would I find more t-shirts or blouses? While there’s no truly wrong answer to that question, I think you’re better off having more blouses and sweaters in most cases. They’re easy ways to elevate a pair of jeans without sacrificing the comfort of a t-shirt. 

The Pantsuit

If done right, your pantsuit will have you feeling like the coolest lady in the room. No, seriously, you’ll look really cool! So whether you rock it to work or to the park, try to find a place for a pantsuit in your closet. You won’t regret it. 

Make Loungewear Count

Self-care is important and what you wear to do it matters. See if you can break out of that sweatpants habit. I promise the boost you’ll feel from having on something else nicer  (like a nap dress) will be well worth it.

Experiment with Hats

We’ve already established that Lim is the headband queen, but she has also mastered hats. Add a hat as a pretty and practical accessory to personalize your outfit.  

Keep It Light

When the weather starts to heat up it’s all about staying cool, and a big part of that is knowing how to keep it light. Your outfits can be way more interesting than a cotton t-shirt and blue cutoffs when you mindfully choose the right fabrics and light and neutral colors. Lim is the master of this, so take note of pieces she has that you could easily work into your own wardrobe to up your game this spring and summer. 

Closing Thoughts

Chriselle Lim is a cool mom if ever I’ve seen one! But her style is so universally flattering, because it strikes that delicate balance between modern and feminine, that whether or not you’re a mom, you’ll definitely want to have the Chriselle factor.

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