Chelsea Handler Demands Men Get Vasectomies Because Women Are "Exhausted" From Using Birth Control: "Man Up, Men"

Chelsea Handler says it's time for men to get the "snip" so women don't have to worry about contraception anymore, and she says it while sitting in bed naked, holding her breasts.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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Chelsea Handler, known for her brash and biting humor, has made a name for herself in the entertainment world. Starting as a stand-up comedian, she gained notoriety for her witty, no-holds-barred comedic style, eventually becoming a best-selling author and the host of her own late-night show, Chelsea Lately, which ran from 2007 to 2014. Chelsea's comedy is often driven by her personal experiences and views, including her stance on feminism, a topic that has sparked controversy and dialogue in equal measure. For her, feminism is not just a label but a way of life. She often talks about gender equality and women's rights across various platforms. She's been candid about her experiences with sexism in Hollywood, often using these encounters to fuel her comedic commentary and to highlight the supposed inequalities women face in the industry. In her Netflix documentary series, Chelsea Does, Chelsea further examined societal issues, including racism, drugs, marriage, and Silicon Valley's tech culture, often from a feminist lens.

Unlike many celebrities who often shy away from discussing their personal lives, Handler openly embraces her status as a single, childless woman. She regularly shares her experiences and thoughts on these topics, both in interviews and on her social media platforms. The comedian considers herself a "proud singleton" and has often talked about the joys of not having children. Chelsea claims her lifestyle choices are a way to challenge societal expectations, and she claims women often face pressure to conform to traditional roles of marriage and motherhood. She has made various videos for social media lately about how awesome her life is without having a husband and kids—and now she's back to demand men get vasectomies because women have been oppressed by birth control long enough.

Chelsea Handler Demands Men Get Vasectomies Because Women Are "Exhausted" from Using Birth Control

Chelsea posts a video of herself sitting in bed naked, clutching her breasts and joking that she just gave herself a mammogram. Then she goes on a tirade about how men should get a vasectomy in order to relieve women from using birth control.

"Since the beginning of time, women have been ducking and diving and dodging pregnancy," she says. "And frankly, they're exhausted."

She then goes on to share the things that men say when they don't want to use a condom. "Enough, you horny little pigs in blankets," she demands. "Do you know how painful it is to get an IUD placed? It feels like a mouse trap in your uterus, and sometimes those things don't even catch all the mice. And birth control? You think I want to be an adult woman with acne or have mood swings or get a period it feels like the Hoover Dam just broke? I don't." She says women are tired of "making concessions" for men in the bedroom.

"So man up, men! And if you can't do that, enjoy the company of your hands," she concludes. "Vasectomies. One snip, and that's it!"

Vasectomy, a popular form of male sterilization, involves severing or sealing the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles. While it's generally safe, complications can arise. Immediate post-surgical risks include bleeding, infection, or an allergic reaction to anesthesia. These are typically rare and can be managed effectively with prompt medical attention. One of the more common complications is sperm granuloma, a hard, sometimes painful lump about the size of a pea caused by sperm leakage into the surrounding tissue. This condition usually resolves on its own but may require treatment in some cases.

Chelsea's demand for men to get vasectomies is predicated on the assumption that men and women are sleeping around with each other freely and monogamy isn't even in the picture. Because if two people were married, they wouldn't need a vasectomy or an IUD or a birth control pill to prevent pregnancy. The woman could easily learn how to track her cycle and know which days she's fertile and which days she isn't. But this kind of tracking is particularly difficult when you're not in a committed relationship that has routine and structure. But of course, Chelsea rails against monogamy in general and celebrates sexual promiscuity as if it's some kind of empowerment, when in reality, it's one of the worst, most detrimental things to be marketed to men.

Sterilization may be advertised as a wonderful solution, but permanently sterilizing either gender has serious consequences on hormonal health. Why would men or women need to go through that process when you could simply take care of your body and learn how to naturally prevent pregnancy? That simply isn't "empowering" enough for Chelsea, though.

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