Captain America Is Total Husband Material And Here’s Why

Finding the right guy for us is quite the task — which is why it’s so important to call attention to a good guy like Captain America.

By Keelia Clarkson2 min read
captain america with shield running Marvel fair use
Marvel/Captain America/2011

Dating is rough. I’ve had so many friends express to me how worried they are that they’ll stay single forever, or how much a guy they’re seeing disappointed them, or how all the good guys are taken. And dating these days is harder than it’s ever been. Dating apps, a reluctance to label, and our generation’s disenchantment with marriage have all muddied the already murky waters of dating. 

Which leads me to think that we as women really need to observe the qualities that make for a good guy, to understand what exactly makes a guy “husband material.” And in my humble opinion, we need look no further than Captain America for the image of such a man.

I’ll be honest: I’m very new to the Marvel world — so new, in fact, that I just started watching through all the MCU films for the first time about a month ago (I’m also still very insecure about when it’s appropriate to use the term “MCU”) and knew absolutely nothing about any of the characters before this. But I was struck by Captain America — he possesses the very best aspects of masculinity. He uses his strength to protect, respects women, and sacrifices himself for the greater good, all while remaining unapologetically manly. 

In short, Captain America is totally husband material. Here are just a few reasons why I think that:

He Cares about Doing the Right Thing

From the very beginning, it’s clear that Captain America is deeply committed to doing what’s right, no matter the outcome for him personally. 

At the end of The First Avenger, he selflessly chooses to lay down his life, not only for the safety of his loved ones, but for the entire world — understanding that this action would ultimately cost him his young, promising life. And it’s this noble act that does, in fact, save the world.

He’s a Commitment Guy

After a young, short, scrawny Steve Rogers undergoes the scientific experiment that makes him into Captain America (making him taller, buffer, and much stronger), he basically could have any woman he wanted — but he never goes that route. Instead, he falls in love with agent Peggy Carter, and through years of time travel, spending decades apart, and meeting other women, Captain America remains in love with only her — a good thing, since he finally ends up with her after all is said and done.

He Deeply Respects Women

Having been frozen since the 1940s only to be awakened into the modern day, we might assume that Captain America would hold outdated opinions about women. But it’s actually the exact opposite. Time and time again, Cap shows us his immense respect for women through his faithful love for Peggy, his devoted, brotherly love for Natasha, and the safety he consistently offers the women in his life, never once being condescending to them.

He’s a True Leader

As the very first Avenger, Captain America paves the way for the future Avengers he ultimately teams up with. And it’s no wonder why they all respect his opinion and authority — Captain America’s style of leadership is altruistic, heroic, and committed to serving the greater good. But it doesn’t stop there — he’s quick to come up with a plan, passionate in his need to help the vulnerable, and encourages his fellow Avengers to act with the same courage in the face of evil.

Closing Thoughts

While it’s too bad that Captain America isn’t real, who’s to say we can’t appreciate the wonderful, courageous, respectful, and yes, manly qualities he possesses — and take qualities like his into account when searching for Mr. Right?