Canada Will Require Covid Vaccine For Domestic Travel. Here's Why I Believe That's Medical Tyranny

As we reach summer’s end and days begin to shorten, a political darkness descends on Canadian citizens.

By Robyn Riley4 min read
Canada To Require Covid Vaccine For Domestic Travel

Being the subject of some of the world’s harshest lockdown restrictions and aggressive vaccination campaigns, the Canadian government is stepping up its efforts to force as many citizens as possible to receive full vaccination status, even if it’s against their will. 

Canada’s Vaccine Mandates

Canadian Minister of Transport, Omar Alghabra, informed the public on August 13 that it will soon be mandatory for all civil servants and employees of federally regulated corporations to be fully vaccinated or risk losing their job

This announcement was followed by new information regarding Canada’s domestic travel regulations. Starting soon, “all commercial air travelers, passengers on interprovincial trains and large marine vessels…will have to be fully vaccinated,” Alghabra said

Section 7 of Canada’s Charter on life, liberty, and the security of the person states in no uncertain terms that all citizens have the right to deny any and all medical treatments on the basis of bodily autonomy, individual dignity, and personal independence over one’s life. This includes medical treatments that are life-saving and deemed essential for survival.

Canadians must be vaccinated to travel domestically by air or by train.

The proposed vaccination mandates above don’t explicitly say, “you have to take the vaccine and you have no choice in the matter,” as a means of not violating these human rights. They do, on the other hand, intentionally deprive people of their freedom of movement and their ability to feed their families/pay their rent if they don’t comply. This is an abject degradation of the democratic process and makes a mockery of Canada’s supposed reputation of defending the human rights of all people. 

The real-world repercussions of these regulations imply people could be forever separated from their families if they live in different parts of the country. Many Canadians are separated by vast expanses of land and require air travel for work and maintaining relationships with loved ones. People are now being forced to choose between bodily autonomy and seeing their family. 

Furthermore, losing a job could mean not being able to feed your children or pay your mortgage. These are regulations that make life completely unlivable if we don’t comply with them, meaning personal choice and human rights considerations have become a total farce in the matter of vaccination in this country. 

Reasonable Skepticism of the Covid Vaccines

Canada currently has the highest vaccination rate of any country in the world. It’s reported that 82% of the eligible population from age 12 and up have received a single dose. 70% are fully vaccinated. If these numbers are accurate, then why the aggressive crackdown on liberty and freedom with such a high compliance among Canadians?

The remaining 20% of the population have decided, likely for many reasons, that they don’t want to be vaccinated. Any reason as simple as not wanting to is technically valid by law. The fear-mongering over a virus with a high recovery rate for the young and healthy is simply not enough of a reason for many to take a medical treatment with no long-term studies. 

Furthermore, we have heard public officials at high levels of government stating clearly that the numbers of “Covid deaths” are documented in such a way that skews the true number of fatalities. Dr. Ngozi Ezike, the Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, said publicly that even if a person died of a clear alternate cause, but also tested positive for Covid, then it was recorded as a “Covid death.” Of course, many people are skeptical about the true risk of catching Covid when we hear these sorts of things. 

The high number of adverse reactions alone justifies vaccine hesitancy.

In light of this information, and the ever-increasing numbers of severe vaccination reactions, people rightly have concerns. According to self-reported vaccine reaction polls, tens of thousands of people have died from the vaccine, there have been over a thousand miscarriages, over five thousand heart attacks, nearly four thousand cases of myocarditis, and 14 thousand people who have been deemed permanently disabled as a result of receiving the vaccine. 

The majority of the people who have received their doses of the Covid vaccine appear in the short-term to be okay. But the high number of adverse reactions alone justifies vaccine hesitancy. This is not even considering religious and underlying personal health reasons why a person would refuse the vaccine. 

We also know that studies have proven that with proper immune-supporting supplementation of vitamin D, C, and zinc people have better outcomes when contracting the coronavirus. All this information considered, it paints a very different perspective on who the unvaccinated people in our population are and their science-based hesitation.

Judging People on Their Vaccination Status Will Only Cause Harm

In light of what are perfectly reasonable motivations for refusing the vaccine, we see a concerted effort among the mainstream media to demonize and alienate people on the basis of their vaccination status. The unvaccinated are called anti-social and cultists, anti-science, crazy, and the cause of the Delta variant

These spin pieces sow division and resentment in the population based on faulty accusations. Multiple studies have now revealed that vaccinated people not only spread the virus but have basically the same viral load as people who are unvaccinated. 

Regardless, a person’s vaccination status will be used to call them heartless, destructive, and uncaring for their fellow citizens when we know vaccination doesn’t stop you from spreading the virus to others – it only potentially lessens the symptoms for the individual who is vaccinated. Yet another tactic of distraction and control, the age-old divide and conquer, set the public against itself while more and more of our freedoms and liberties are stripped away forever.

We have no reason to believe the coronavirus is going anywhere. It will likely become a part of the texture of life, just like flu season is every year. Regardless of how many people in the population are vaccinated or unvaccinated, we must find a way to come to terms with this new part of our reality without succumbing to government tyranny and medical balkanization of the public. 

If history has taught us anything, it’s that governments tend to not let crises go to waste. 

If history has taught us anything, it’s that governments tend to not let crises go to waste. When people are in a state of fear and vulnerability, they’re more likely to be coerced into submission and give up personal freedoms in an attempt to regain a feeling of safety and stability. Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." 

Despite what many would like to think, the government doesn’t care about you. It’s not your personal watchdog and loving nanny protecting you and operating to serve your best interests. The government has one objective: expand and consolidate its power. This is the reason why we see public officials now dropping the carrot and using the stick to get people to submit. With every individual freedom surrendered, it becomes that much easier for the elites to demand more control and compliance

Closing Thoughts

Know that to restrict people’s movement and ability to make a living unless they comply with what the government wants is authoritarian by nature and should be resisted by all people on principle alone, regardless of vaccination status. As we have seen in places like France, unified, peaceful, civil disobedience may be our only and last recourse for undoing the damage being done to the fabric of our society. Those who can must stand their ground or surrender self-determination forever. 

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