Calvin Klein Features A Pregnant Woman Posing As A Transgender Man For A Mother's Day Campaign

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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Everywhere you turn the trans agenda is shoved down your throat. Even on Mother's Day.

Calvin Klein has always been a household name that was synonymous with effortless, cool American style. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. For its latest Mother's Day campaign, it went full trans and featured a woman who has "transitioned" and now calls herself a man.

Calvin Klein Features a Pregnant Woman Posing As a Transgender Man for a Mother's Day Campaign

The photos look doctored at first it appears that a man with a beard and chest hair is pregnant, laying down in bed next to a woman. But upon closer examination, it's clear that this person is a woman who has had her breasts removed and has clearly undergone hormone therapy to make herself appear like a man. She is pregnant and holding her belly while she lays down next to her spouse.

The photo is included in a series of pictures released on Mother's Day. "Today, in support of women and mothers all over the world, we’re spotlighting the realities of new families," the caption read.

The pregnant woman's name is Roberto Bete, a Brazilian influencer and reality TV star who just gave birth to a baby boy named Noah.

The most disturbing part is how the comments display an acceptance of this twisted reality as if it's not only normal, but beautiful and worthy of praise. It's nauseating to know that we live in a time where mainstream culture will look at this display of perversion and call it "the realities of new families."

The photos have since gone viral and received much backlash online. Many people are disgusted by the fact that this is the Mother's Day message that Calvin Klein wants to promote. There will never be a time when it's okay to accept the false concept that men can give birth.

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