California Just Introduced A New Bill That Allows Mothers To Kill Their Baby 7 Days After Birth—All In The Name Of "Reproductive Health"

By Gina Florio
·  2 min read
california infanticide bill

Over the last couple of decades, our society has seen a seismic shift in how we talk about abortion. Not only has it been reframed as reproductive health, but it has become much more accessible to women across the country.

As the support for abortion grows across the U.S. in the name of women's health, the more progressive states continue to introduce legislation that would allow mothers to end the life of their baby at virtually any stage in the pregnancy. California is the latest state to take it even a step further.

California Introduces a New Bill That Allows Mothers To Kill Their Baby 7 Days after Birth

The first hearing for a new bill known as AB 2223 is set for today in California. Not only would this bill allow mothers to kill their unborn child throughout all stages of pregnancy, but it will even allow mothers to end the life of their baby up to seven days after birth. AB 2223 will protect parties from being punished for an “alleged pregnancy outcome, including a miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death.” So any mother or doctor who aids in this killing will be let off the hook.

The term "perinatal" includes anywhere between 22 weeks gestation and seven days post-birth. In other words, the killing of a week-old baby would not be criminalized if this bill is passed.

The bill also prohibits a coroner from cooperating with judicial inquiries of a baby's death, banning the use of “the coroner’s statements on the certificate of fetal death to establish, bring, or support a criminal prosecution or civil cause of damages against any person.”

Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks authored this bill, and it has been promoted by the Future of Abortion Council. Attorney and President of the National Center for Law and Policy, Dean Broyles, says that a baby could even be killed more than seven days after being born. “Depending on how the term ‘perinatal’ is interpreted by the courts, this bill legalizes the infanticide of children several weeks after their birth and possibly as late as their first birthday," he said.

The most nauseating part about this bill is that infanticide is being framed as "reproductive health," although there isn't any text showing how this could possibly improve a woman's health in any way.

The first hearing for AB 2223 is set in the California Assembly Judiciary Committee at 9:00am PST today.