Bobbi Althoff Seen Carried By NFL Player Sean Murphy-Bunting Months After Divorce

Bobbi Althoff is criticized for allegedly "leaving her family" in exchange for fortune and fame.

By Meredith Evans2 min read

Bobbi Althoff, an influencer best known for hosting The Really Good Podcast, has come under fire after TMZ caught her getting carried by NFL player Sean Murphy-Bunting months after her divorce.

Althoff has faced criticism for allegedly "leaving her family" in exchange for money and fame. In 2023, Althoff interviewed Drake on her show as they lay in bed together. The setting was off-putting to many, considering Althoff was married to Cory Althoff, with whom she shares two daughters.

In February 2024, Bobbi announced they had filed for divorce.

Their separation fueled rumors of Althoff cheating with Drake, which she has denied. Barstool Sports' David Portnoy sent a DM to Althoff and asked whether she'd been intimate. "My girlfriend said you slept with Drake and are getting a divorce. I am saying that is not true," he wrote.

Althoff responded: "I'm not commenting on it publicly, but off the record, you're right that is not true." According to a source close to TMZ, the couple divorced due to Althoff's rising fame. The separation happened around the same time when the podcaster was shot in bed with Drake.

Is it possible that Althoff chose her career over her marriage?

Bobbi Althoff Carried by Sean Murphy-Bunting

In footage obtained and released by TMZ, a motionless Althoff is seen being carried out of the Barstool Sports Bar in Miami by Arizona Cardinals cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting.

Althoff took to social media the following day, writing, "Last night was scary but thankful for having good friends in my life like [Sean Murphy-Bunting] for looking out for me."

Althoff does not specify what happened at the bar (or after...), but social media users are convinced that the mom-of-two drowned herself in alcohol due to "regrets." @JamesBjorlie on X wrote, "She went off the deep end with her goals. Looks like a lot of regret being drowned in vodka. There is zero people or joy down this path. She gave that up for money, fame, and a new purpose. No regrets in nurturing a family and loving people."

"divorcing your husband and abandoning your children for… this?" asked commentator Mary Morgan. "this is why we need a term like 'manchild' for women."

Althoff's content went from being centered on home life and her husband to drinking and partying with high-profile individuals. Today, you'll find her on Instagram living a more lavish lifestyle with singers and rappers.

This does not mean that Althoff has completely abandoned her kids. She still shares photos with her two daughters, although it's evident that her husband is not in the picture, at least romantically.

Althoff may have all the fame and money now, but the excitement of those new material possessions can't replace the comfort and love a beautiful marriage provides.

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