Blooming In Style: 23 Spring Manicures To Celebrate The First Rays Of Sunshine

Celebrate the beginning of spring by switching up your bedding, your wardrobe, and of course, your nails!

By Simone Sydel4 min read
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Spring is not the time for boring and outdated manicures. The blooming season demands fresh and trendy mani styles, and we've got you covered! This article will highlight 23 of the hottest spring manicure trends you can do at the salon or at home. Whether you're looking for a subtle, neutral look or something with a bit of pizazz, this list has something to suit everyone's taste.

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1. French Twist

A French twist with the addition of delicate daisies? Yes, please! Spring is the perfect time to combine classic and modern elements into a manicure that makes you feel feminine, cool, and sophisticated.

Product To Try: OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow, $11.50

2. Darling Dandelions

It's easy to achieve this adorable dandelion puff design by simply dotting white polish on top of a neutral base. Apply with either a dotting tool or nail art pen to make your nails look like they jumped right out of a garden!

Product To Try: Ardell Play Pen Art Pen, $8

3. Silver Glitter

Top any manicure with a coat of silver glitter to bring out your inner sparkle and shine. The look works as beautifully over pretty pastels as it does deeper cream shades — a perfect design to transition from day to night.

Product To Try: Pacifica Plant Magic Polish in Diamond, $10

4. Daisy May

For a manicure that radiates sunshine and happiness, a daisy design is the way to go. If you (or your manicurist) is talented enough, you can hand-paint floral patterns. But if art isn't your strong suit, opt for nail decals instead! Not only does this cheerful pattern look amazing with any outfit, but it's also a reminder of the beauty of springtime.

Product To Try: Inked by Dani Daisy Dreams Nail Art & Temporary Tattoos, $10

5. Floral Matcha

Green — from bright grassy green to pastel mint green — is the color of spring, and it pairs especially well with floral designs. Delicate white petals look lovely with soft green tones, but you can always opt for a brighter bouquet using pinks, yellows, blues and oranges.

Product To Try: Nailtopia Nail Lacquer in Juice Cleanse, $10

6. Bubblegum Florals

What's more fun than bubblegum colors and flowers? Put them together on your nails for an eye-catching style that will make a statement!

Product To Try: Essie Nail Polish in Vanity Fairest, $10

7. Pastel Pops

Pastel tones are the perfect way to transition into spring. Try a subtle design featuring soft candy colors for an ultrafeminine look. Simply grab a tiny dotting tool and create a pastel explosion on your nails!

Product To Try: Sally Hansen Nail Salon Pro Tool Kit, $8

8. Lemon Lime

Soft with a spritz of citrus, this lemon-lime cream shade is eye-catching without being in your face, which is often the case with bright colors.

Product To Try: Essie Spring 2023 Collection in You're Scent-sational, $10

9. Sky Blue

This pale sky-blue mani with an icy undertone is the perfect way to add a touch of calm to your spring manicure. The color looks fantastic on all skin tones and can truly elevate any outfit for the day.

Product To Try: Olive & June Long Lasting Nail Polish in BP Blue, $9

10. Glazed Periwinkle

Punch up pretty periwinkle by giving it a glazed finish. Remember the glazed donut mani? This is the same effect. Gently burnish iridescent pigment powder into your dried gel or polish hue with a disposable eye shadow sponge, then seal with top coat. This treatment creates a dreamy mani style that will catch everyone's eye.

Product To Try: LHCER Chrome Nail Powder, $7

11. Lip Gloss Look

Achieving the perfect high-shine lip gloss mani is all about finding the right balance between shine and subtlety. Start with two coats of a sheer pink hue and top with a super glossy top coat.

Product To Try: Essie Expressie Nail Polish in Iced Out Top Coat, $10

12. Lovely Lavender

Purple is a hue that people love or hate, but it's hard to argue with a toned-down lavender shade. It practically screams spring and is a fun way to welcome the warmer months in style.

Product To Try: Essie Nail Polish in In Pursuit of Craftness, $10

13. Sage Whisper

Peace, serenity, and tranquility are a few words that come to mind when looking at this soft sage-green manicure. This creamy hue with just a hint of sage is ideal for anyone who seek a little Zen.

Product To Try: OPI Nail Lacquer in Clear Your Cash, $11.50

14. Vanilla Cream

A vanilla ice cream cone may be somewhat basic, but coating nails with vanilla is anything but! For those seeking something sweet and subtle, this is the perfect look and it works for both an evening out or a casual day around town.

Product To Try: Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish in Atelier at The Bay, $13

15. Ballerina Pink

This nail look is a must for those who want to highlight their manicure in the most elegant way possible. When applying a creaming opaque pink polish, use thin coats to avoid streaking to ensure a mani that's feminine, polished, and oh-so-chic.

Product To Try: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Ballerina, $30

16. Faded French

A French fade (also sometimes known as a Baby Boomer French, but don't let that term put you off) is a chic take on the classic French nail. Instead of having a sharp line delineating the pink and white, this softly fades the two colors together. Start with a coat of pink polish, then add white polish to the edge of a makeup sponge. While the pink is still wet, gently dab the white polish along the tip of your nail with the sponge until you get the desired effect. Finish with top coat to pull the look together.

Product To Try: OPI Nature Strong in Strong as Shell, $12.50

17. Naturally Neutral

If you want to keep your nails nude but polished, this creamy nude mani is the way to go! The right shade will add a touch of color to match your skin tone without taking anything away from its simplicity.

Product To Try: OPI Nail Lacquer in Put It In Neutral, $11.50

18. Delicate Flower

Welcome the blooms of spring with this delightful manicure. Add delicate flower detail easily by using dried flowers made specifically for nails. Use sharp tweezers to place a dried bloom on still tacky polished or cured gel nails and gently press down with tweezers or an orangewood stick. Finish with a thick layer of top coat to seal in the design.

Product To Try: Daily Charme Pressed Dry Natural Flower & Leaf Set, $10

19. Gettin' Figgy

Fig is quite a unique color you don't see all that often, but it looks lovely on a manicure. It's a great choice if you want to add something extra to your nails without going overboard.

Product To Try: Olive & June Long Lasting Nail Polish in Fig Ranch, $9

20. Deep Blue Sea

Blue is a bold choice for a mani, and if you're not sure you have what it takes to sport such a daring color, consider toning it down with a translucent hue. Opt for a jelly polish, which gives the nails an almost watercolor effect, to create a soft yet striking style that will instantly give your nails an eye-catching edge.

Product To Try: Cirque Colors Cobalt Jelly, $12.50

21. Pastel French

A modern take on the classic manicure, this almond-shaped French mani embellished with robin's egg blue and snowy white hues is sure to make a statement. Perfect for days when you want to add a little je ne sais quoi to your look.

Product To Try: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri x Peeps Nail Polish in Marshmallow, $7

22. Micro French

The micro French mani is a rising trend this season, and it's a gorgeous way to add a subtle hint of style to your look. Use a super-thin striping brush to delicately paint the very tip of your nails to create this captivating, yet low-key look. Or if hand-painting isn't your thing, try predesigned nail tips that you can wear for a day, night or week!

Product To Try: OPI xPRESS/On French Press On Nails, $14

23. Make It Matte

Using a matte top coat is an easy way to up your nail style without doing much at all. Top your favorite spring shade of lacquer or gel polish with a matte top coat to create a soft, velvety finish that looks great on everyone.

Product To Try: OPI Matte Top Coat, $11.50

Closing Thoughts

A new mani is the perfect way to welcome spring in style, and with these 23 unique looks to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for you. Get creative and experiment with different colors and shapes to create a unique look that will turn heads everywhere you go!

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