Blac Chyna Removes "Demonic" Tattoo From Her Body And Tells Followers She's "Releasing All Negative Energy" From Her Life

Former stripper Blac Chyna has been on an intentional journey of changing her ways. She shared with her followers that she is removing a "demonic" tattoo from her body in order to help her achieve a fresh start.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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Angela White, whose stage name has been Blac Chyna, is known for her reality TV presence and previous relationship with Rob Kardashian, with whom she shares one daughter. She also has a 10-year-old son with Tyga. In May 2022, Angela was baptized into the Christian faith and has been open about her conversion experience. Since then, she has been candid with her followers about how she wants to make serious changes in her life.

A couple weeks ago, she shared a series of videos on her Instagram about removing her butt implants and breast implants. "As y'all know, I've been changing my life and changing my ways," she said in one of the videos. "So, one of the things I feel like is going to take me to the next level is obviously taking some of these ass shots out." Her next step is to remove a tattoo on her hip that she feels is keeping negative energy in her life.

Blac Chyna Removes "Demonic" Tattoo from Her Body and Shares Journey with Her Followers

Angela, 34, quit her OnlyFans account and is doing everything she can to reset her life. Her latest Instagram video documents the process of removing a Baphomet tattoo at Clear Out Ink. "Thank you God, for saving me," she wrote in the caption. "Removing this Baphomet tattoo. I’m sending all this energy back to the owner." She also wrote what other names represent Baphomet: "Satan ,The Devil, Mahomet, Bafumarias, Samael, Lilith, Goat of Mendes, Sabbatic Goat, Goat of Lust, Azazel Goat." She says the origin is "demonology," and the goal of Baphomet is to "create and spread chaos, abuse and torment his victims."

Angela credits her faith as the reason for changing many things in her life, including and especially her physical appearance. Previously known for her hypersexualized content and risqué photos, Angela has given up her stage name and her sexual persona, and is instead embracing motherhood and Christianity.

"I am releasing all negative energy that is holding me back," she said in another video. "It gots to come off. You know what I mean? I'm about to have no mark of the beast - anything like that. When I first got the tattoo, that is not what it meant to me. I just don't want anything negative or demonic on my body anymore."

In this video (and most of her recent videos), she is bare-faced and natural. Her skin is glowing, and it's clear that she has removed some of the fillers in her face. Fans in the comment section compliment her on how beautiful she is looking during her transformation. "You look diff, in a great way.. you got that glow. God is good🙏🏽" a fan wrote. "Anyone noticed she looks way more beautiful being natural," someone else commented.

In the video, Angela's children, King and Dream, are helping her pack up her car so they can make the road trip to get her tattoos removed. In addition to the Baphomet tattoo on her hip, she also had two smaller tattoos with the names of her former boyfriends. In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Angela says she isn't necessarily against fillers, but she thinks she "went overboard" to the point where her smile was frozen. She didn't think there would be much of a reaction when she posted the videos about removing her fillers, so she was pleasantly surprised at the outpouring of support. She says she wants to step away from "that type of lifestyle," which encourages women to make themselves look fake and plastic.

Angela also expresses gratitude that she hasn't had serious health complications from all the work she has had done, including the butt implant injections. She shared that she would have a fever sometimes as well as mood swings, but she's thankful she didn't suffer from the symptoms that she has seen plague other women, including discoloration of the skin and even disfigurement. The comment section is full of praise for Angela's new look and lifestyle, telling her she looks more beautiful and radiant than ever.