Billie Eilish Was Actually Sleeping When The News Broke Of Her Oscar Nomination

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The Academy Award nominations were released on February 8, and Billie Eilish was on the list for her song "No Time to Die" in the 2021 James Bond film. This is her very first Academy Award nomination.

Billie Eilish took to Instagram to share her excitement about her Oscar nomination shortly after it was announced. "nominated for an OSCAR 😭😭😭 thank you SO much to @theacademy for this nomination!!" she wrote in the caption. "It was an absolute dream to write a song for a @007 film and i’m so honored that it’s nominated. peak life experience. THANK YOU!!!"

But she just revealed where she was and what she was doing when the news broke last month.

Billie Eilish Was Asleep When Her Oscar Nomination Was Announced

In an interview with Good Morning America, Billie was asked where she was when her nomination was announced. She couldn't help but laugh when she answered the question.

"I was asleep," she admitted. "I got the text from friends and I had to double check and look and be like, 'You’re lying to me.'"

Billie smiled and expressed her gratitude at such a special moment. "Such a crazy, surreal, unbelievable thing I would never ever have dreamed about happening in my life," she gushed.

In 2021, Billie snagged seven Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year for "Everything I Wanted." She's hoping for another big win this year at the Oscars.

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