Beauty To-Go: Seven Travel Essentials You Need On Your Next Trip

      By Mandie Brice·· 5 min read

      It's amazing to have a beauty routine of your favorite products, but one thing that can easily throw it off -- and throw off your look -- is travel... unless you're prepared!

      In this article, I have seven must-haves to keep you looking beautiful as you hop off the plane, Jet-Setter!

      1. Conditioner: As cute and tempting to snag as the little hotel minis are, they can often be destructive to your hair! I recommend grabbing them and donating them to a women's shelter, actually! The shampoos are usually not too bad (although I'd recommend keeping your eyes open for "sulfates" in the ingredients list, especially if your hair is color treated), but conditioner is where you can really see the difference! That's why I recommend a deep conditioning balm to bring with you to your hotel. My favorite is the Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie, which also has a matching shampoo, and comes in TSA-friendly sizes and smells divine!


      2. Sheet Mask: One of the worst parts of traveling is how dehydrating being on a plane can be, especially if you are going somewhere right after landing! To combat that, do the best kind of multi-tasking there is -- a sheet mask while you fly! My favorite is the WHAMISA Organic Flowers & Aloe Vera fermented hydrogel sheet mask because it's a bit more discreet (if you're not feeling extra), and the fermented ingredients can help fend off free radicals, so you're hydrating and stopping possible breakouts at the same time!


      3. Moisturizer: As mentioned above, flying can really dry out our skin. Whether or not you feel comfortable using a sheet mask on a plane, you are likely to want to still pump up the moisture! For this, I recommend going for an oil, like Tarte's travel size Maracuja oil, or an argan oil of your choice. The reason oil is such an ideal pick is that it can double as a hair product to tame flyaways or revive dull ends, as well as go on the rest of your body (hands, elbows, décolletage) in a pinch, especially if you're limited in what you can carry!


      4. Mascara: One way to make you look revived and alert, even after a red-eye flight, is wearing great mascara! It's easy to put on with a tiny mirror and gives a nice, polished look. Most makeup artists will tell you that mascara isn't an area that you usually need to splurge with, which is why you see the iconic pink and green Maybelline Great Lash in a lot of pro kits! Since I don't believe that comes in a travel size, if you want something that comes in a mini, I adore the Benefit Bad Gal Lash, because I think the wand makes a big difference!


      5. Tinted Moisturizer/Foundation: If you want a little evening out on your skin tone post-sheet mask and moisturizer, a tinted moisturizer could be in order. My favorite is the NARS pure radiant tinted moisturizer, which you handily put on with your fingers as Francois Nars intended -- perfect for on the go! If you prefer a more matte finish, the Mineral Fusion pressed powder foundations are great and buildable, too!


      6. Favorite Lipgloss: Like mascara, another way to look way more put together is a nice lip. It always surprises people when they ask, but my favorite is the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush gloss. The reason I love it so much is because it seems to seal moisture in. The product doesn't claim to be hydrating, but I even wear it to sleep sometimes because it leaves my lips so soft and supple! It comes in a lot of different colors, finishes, and levels of sheerness/opaqueness, too, so there's a lot of variety to choose from in the desired look!


      7. Makeup Wipes: These are a staple everywhere! I recommend Neutrogena's because they come in a fantastic, small travel size. These are great for:

      • Cleaning off any residue from your sheet mask
      • Wiping your fingers if you apply tinted moisturizer
      • Cleaning up any smeared makeup if you sleep on the flight
      • Preparing for your sheet mask!
      • Cleaning up any potential stains
      • And keeping on the nightstand in case you have too much fun and feel tempted to sleep in your makeup!


      With these essentials, you're sure to arrive at your destination looking flawless and well-rested and ready for whatever your trip has in store!