Bachelor Nation: Rumor Has It Peter Ends Up With Producer

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rumer has it peter ends up with producer

As the season finale of The Bachelor draws near, speculations about who Peter will end up with swarm the internet with predictions for the winner - but will Peter not choose any of the contestants?

Rumors that Peter ends up with his producer Julie LaPlaca rather than one of the remaining ladies on the show began weeks before last week’s episode and was fueled further by hints made by The Bachelor host Chris Harrison. Chris whispered that the ending of the show would be unlike anything we’ve seen before - and we’re beginning to think this may be true.

Trouble in Paradise

All is fair in love and war, and last week’s episode highlighted that love can be war. Audiences were left confused during Peter and Victoria F’s heated dispute during their hometown date in Virginia Beach. Peter was supposed to meet Victoria’s family, but instead he left over unresolved comments made by Victoria’s highschool friend Merissa Pence about Victoria’s suspicious past. Bachelor Nation was already upset with Victoria’s behavior in previous episodes, but fans were outraged at Victoria’s defensive attitude towards Peter during the hometown visit.

As if that wasn’t enough to suspect trouble on the homefront, Peter was also met with warnings from Hannah Ann’s and Madison’s fathers to measure Peter’s true intentions for their daughters, because they’re not about to let a guy break their daughter’s hearts. Peter had it coming from all sides this week, and the one contestant who seemed the most ready to give her heart fully to Peter, Kelsey, was given the boot.

Running into the Arms of the Producer

Bachelor fans have been in a tizzy over the possibility that Peter ditches the last three remaining ladies for (gasp) another woman, but this is Hollywood and we’re a glutton for the unexpected afterall. Peter’s mother, Barbara Weber, sparked ideas that Peter had given his heart to the show’s producer Julie LaPlaca after she left a comment on LaPlaca’s social media account saying, “Beautiful Girl! Beautiful Peru!”

Who is this mysterious TV producer, and did Peter fall in love (for real) with her?

LaPlaca has been a producer on the Bachelor for six years and sticks close to the stars - especially to Peter as pictures of the couple are leaked on LaPlaca’s Instagram account of the pair getting ready for take-off in Los Angeles.

Further speculations of the pair’s relationship were confirmed as the former Fashion Institute of Technology graduate was spotted out with Peter and his family during a New Year’s Eve dinner in New York City as the duo rang in 2020 in Times Square. Peter’s dad was also seen snapping a photo of Weber and LaPlaca having a cozy lunch at Carmine’s, a famous Italian restaurant in NYC.

Are the Suspicions Legit?

When questioned about the budding romance, ABC’s exec Rob Mills did not deny the fact, but neither did he endorse it. “Well, I hate to get in the way of a good rumor, so I’m not going to confirm or deny about whether he ends up with a producer,” Mills told Entertainment Tonight.

ABC’s exec Rob Mills did not deny the fact, but neither did he endorse it.

Interestingly, Weber isn’t the only Bachelor star LaPlaca has befriended. The TV producer is also friends with last season’s Bachelorette Hannah Brown. LaPlaca and Brown are so close, in fact, that the producer recently left an endearing Happy Birthday comment on Instagram saying Brown was the “Mary Kate to her Ashley.”


While the cat has not been let out of the hyped-up bag yet, chances are that Weber and LaPlaca’s relationship is strictly business. But even the most professional producer knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. The two appear to be falling in love, but of course, producers love to boost their ratings any way they can, and perhaps this love affair is more fable than fact.

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