Ashley Graham Just Shared The First Intimate Glimpse Of Life With Her Twin Boys

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Supermodel and mom Ashley Graham just gave birth to twin boys! In a precious Instagram post, she shared a few words about what life has been like as a breastfeeding mother of two newborns and a toddler.

It's hard not to love Ashley Graham and her authenticity. She has taken her followers and fans through her whole pregnancy journey, and now she's offering us the first glimpse of what it's like to have newborn twins.

Ashley Shared the Names of Her Twin Boys

Ashley posted a picture on her Instagram on February 10 that offers us the first look of her twins. The boys are named Malachi and Roman, and in the photo one of them is breastfeeding while the other rests on her shoulder. It's a sweet, intimate moment that captures the tenderness of motherhood.

"My boys have been the greatest teachers and biggest reminders that I can do hard things," Ashley wrote in the caption. "This has not been easy, but it’s so worth it."

She shared her disbelief that she suddenly has three children. "Can’t wait to share my birth & postpartum journey with you all soon ❤️," she concluded.

Her husband Justin Ervin commented, "More proud of you than words can express."

Motherhood can be challenging enough with just one newborn, let alone two who are breastfeeding. Ashley seems to be adjusting well to the new additions to their family.

On January 6, she posted a photo of herself in a green sweater with the cheeky caption, "extended stay."

This was the last photo she shared on her Instagram before the picture of her twins, so she gave birth to her boys sometime in the last month. We look forward to hearing more about her birth and post-partum experience.

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