Ariana Grande Is Launching A Beauty Line Inspired By Her Song "God Is A Woman"

By Simone Sydel
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Ariana Grande Is Launching A Beauty Line Inspired By Her Song "God Is A Woman" shutterstock

Ariana Grande is yet another celebrity about to drop her own beauty line.

Named after her hit song and album of the same name "God Is A Woman," Ariana Grande filed a trademark to create a line of beauty products on April 2.

This isn't Ariana's first foray into beauty, as we all know she already has a line of mass-market fragrances sold at Ulta, including “Cloud,” “Ari”, and “Sweet Like Candy,” which reportedly grossed $150 million in 2017.

Besides that, Lush also launched a bath bomb inspired by the iridescent purple and pink hues seen in Ariana's music video for "God Is a Woman," and while she didn't make money from this launch, it's pretty clear that she saw an even bigger earning opportunity in that very phrase.

What To Expect from Ariana's Beauty Line?

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the trademark was filed for beauty products, including fragrances, body lotions, bath gels, soufflés, body scrubs, and body mists.

A leak account on Instagram also gave a few examples of what we should expect to see from Ariana's line, bearing in mind the line will tend to target a teenaged audience. This is why it makes sense to tie this line with her fragrance line and come up with bath and body care products that are heavily focused on scent.

There also might be some face masks because this is a product that's usually associated with a self-care, laying in the bath, relaxed and unbothered experience.

By the looks of it, the line isn't going to go heavy on makeup, such as eyeshadow palettes, bronzers, blushes, etc. Ariana is not big on crazy eye looks, so it doesn't make sense to come up with just a few nude or champagne shades, which is what she usually wears. There might be a liquid eyeliner since Ariana's signature cat-eye is one of the most recognizable features about her, but I’m doubtful about that, too. 

Ariana doesn’t stand out with a unique makeup style, so it wouldn't make sense to push her way into color cosmetics.

If there are lip products, these will likely be sheer glosses or shimmery lip balms since her target audience will be young girls who probably won't shed $25 on lipstick. Besides, Ariana is usually wearing either just a gloss or a soft matte nude lip from Kylie's Lip Kit in “Candy K” and is very rarely seen wearing deep red or other colors. So it wouldn't make much sense to try and push her way into color cosmetics because it’s an extremely competitive market dominated by makeup artists and influencers, and Ariana isn't someone who stands out with a unique and captivating makeup style.

However, while she also has a very minimalistic skincare routine, one of the products she loves is coconut oil, and she uses it all over her face, body, and hair. Therefore, it's safe to assume that her line will focus on sweet scents.

Why Are So Many Celebrities Launching Beauty Lines?

If you’re wondering why so many celebrities are launching beauty lines, you’re certainly not the only one. The comments and impressions under a couple of posts speculating about Ariana's beauty line are mixed, to say the least, with many commenters asking questions like, "Am I the only one getting sick of celebrity beauty lines?"

These questions are valid when you consider that celebrity artists of Ariana's caliber depend almost entirely on other people to take care of their looks, including makeup artists who do their makeup, facialists who take care of their skin, etc.

Celebrities have always been the faces of beauty brands because “it girls” have always inspired beauty trends. 

Don't get me wrong. Celebrities have always been the faces of beauty brands because it girls have always inspired beauty trends. And beauty, in general, is an area in our lives that celebrities have always dominated through commercials and campaigns.

But ever since Kylie Jenner launched her lip products back in 2015, it's like celebrities have seen how deep the pockets can really go if they commit to a glamorous side hustle such as releasing beauty products. So being the "face of" doesn't seem to satisfy celebrities anymore. Instead, they want creative control, a bigger piece of the profit pie, and some perhaps even need a platform to pivot out of entertainment.

Rihanna is an artist who has been raising this kind of suspicion lately, with many fans being fed up with her launching beauty products when all they want is to hear a new album. She caused quite a stir when she posted a photo with the hashtag "BUTTADROP," leaving many to think that she was finally going to drop an album when it was, in fact, a body butter for her Fenty Skin line that dropped the following week.

A Beauty Line Is Easy Money

As beauty journalist Courtney Rubin declared in The New York Times, “It’s official: Every celeb now has a beauty line.” 2020 brought new launches from Lauren Conrad, Selena Gomez, Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, and so, so many more. And 2021 is picking up with so many new brand launches, including a Harry Styles beauty line apparently, as the "Watermelon Sugar" singer registered a new business with Companies House, the UK’s registrar of companies, on May 25.

But why is a beauty line now a necessary accessory of fame? Money, of course.

However, many people seem to be getting tired of this, especially because we've seen so many new launches that we’ve developed a sense of picking up on who's authentic and passionate about what they're doing and who's just doing it for the money. And many celebrities seem to just be doing it for the money.

This makes a lot of sense when you consider that a celebrity already has a well-established fan base of people who would buy their products, some out of curiosity, but others because they genuinely love the artist's creative work. So they really don't need to hustle too much to convince people that buying celebrity-launched beauty products is somehow going to improve their entire beauty routine because people would buy them anyways.

A celebrity already has a well-established fan base of people who would buy their products.

And nobody's dumb enough to reject such a sweet deal, especially when the customer base is already formed and somebody else is doing all the work. So it's just money falling from the sky at that point.

But Celebrities Have To Prove Their Products Work

But there’s one very important thing we have to remember, and that’s how well celebrities can leverage their looks into products.

For example, JLo Beauty launched a skincare line at the beginning of this year, and all the products in her line contain an olive oil complex because JLo swears her secret to ageless skin is olive oil, which is supposed to somehow excuse the high price tag of the products. She even jokingly said in a video that she should charge $10,000 for her sheet masks. But JLo's glow isn't a product of an olive oil sheet mask that "should cost $10,000," but of expensive facials, fillers, strong genetics, and perhaps even surgery.

As Jessica DeFino, a famous beauty writer, notes, "Celebrity beauty lines weren't created by their signature looks; their signature looks created the opportunity for their beauty lines."

Closing Thoughts

I can't say I'm mad that celebrities are launching their beauty lines because I also own a couple of beauty products released by celebrities that I enjoy using and are a regular step in my beauty routine.

However, it's starting to look more like something celebrities do to earn a ton of money quickly, rather than something they’re doing because they’re truly passionate about creating beauty products.

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