Are These Designer Items Really Worth The Cost? We’re Ranking Our Favorite Influencers’ Splurges From Worst To Best

Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton: These brands sell luxury and status. The urge to purchase a designer item, especially when your Instagram feed is full of bags and shoes, can be overwhelming.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen4 min read
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Designer additions to your wardrobe look and feel luxurious and can be a great way to invest in your personal style. But beware, not all designer items are worth the cost!

Tips for Buying Designer Items 

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering a designer purchase. The color of the piece will determine the longevity of its style and use, so it’s best to choose items in neutral tones. Black, cream, and tan pieces will retain value much longer than trendier prints and bright colors. Choosing pieces that look and remain timeless will last the longest in your closet, without quickly going out of style. 

If you plan on buying a designer item new, it’s best to buy directly from the designer to ensure quality and a proper designer brand experience. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, there are great second-hand websites such as Farfetch, The Real Real, and Rebag that are worth scrolling through to find deals on designer items. Another way to save money when purchasing from designer brands is to wait for wanted items to go on sale. While most classic designer items are unlikely to go on sale, you can often find similar items or other neutral pieces for a lower price. 

Lastly, take your time when making a decision to purchase a designer item. Avoid impulse shopping for luxury goods and save money for the pieces you want. For those who are easily influenced by Instagram photos and celebrities, make sure your decision to purchase a designer item isn’t based on another woman’s style or budget. Investing in a designer piece should take some time and research to find items that reflect your personal aesthetic and lifestyle. 

Wondering if your favorite influencer’s splurges are worth the cost? Here are our rankings:  

10. Chanel Thong Flip-Flop Heels 

Thong flip-flop heels are back in style for the summer, as ‘90s fashion is trending once again. This trend resurfaces every few years before retreating into the past, and these heels will fall into the category of outdated fashion soon enough. When choosing a designer piece, the longevity of the style is important, and these thong flip-flop heels will likely not stand the test of time. The Chanel thong flip-flop heels cost $1,150 and are a seasonal item for now, which means they will likely go on sale at the end of season, losing value within a year. Because this is not a heel you will reach for on a consistent basis, it’s difficult to justify the designer cost. 

9. Chloe Logo Sandals 

The Chloe logo sandals are simply adorable and stylish, but uncomfortable for actual wear. These sandals are best worn for short trips and do not hold up well for day trips or extended walking. Given the hefty price tag ($475) for a pair of sandals, the lack of comfort is a concern that the designer price shouldn’t include. Quality and comfort are the most important aspects of a shoe, and these Chloe sandals do not meet those requirements. 

8. Golden Goose Sneakers

Golden Goose sneakers, with the easily identifiable star on the side, are a comfortable and casual designer sneaker option. These sneakers will cost you about $495, depending on the color. The brand channels a nonchalant, careless vibe that’s reflected in the shoe design. Intended to look used and dirty, these sneakers have a bit of a cult following and would need to be personally evaluated to determine if this overall look is something you connect with on a style level. The sneakers are long-lasting and great quality, but not a must-have for a capsule wardrobe.  

7. Dior Printed Tote

The Dior printed tote is a statement piece with an all-over logo pattern and oversized style. The bag is becoming increasingly popular with celebrities and influencers, due to its unique look and color. With the right outfit, this large bag steals the show, but it’s likely not the timeless, neutral designer bag you need in your closet. With its high price tag at $3,500, the Dior tote is a fun designer bag, not necessarily a timeless classic. 

6. Louis Vuitton Checkered Backpack

The iconic LV checkered print on an adjustable backpack provides the right amount of luxury with practical use. The bag is waterproof and fireproof, which contributes to its high price ($2,800), and maintains its value well over time. Designer bags are typically the best items for investment because they can be worn on a consistent basis and are fairly easy to clean and maintain, and this backpack is no exception. Louis Vuitton bags tend to be pricey, due to the exclusivity of the brand; however, this bag may be worth the cost if you have been dreaming of a hands-free LV neutral bag!

5. Chanel Color Block Espadrilles 

The Chanel color block espadrilles are a great choice for a designer shoe. Unlike the Chloe logo sandals, the Chanel espadrilles are comfortable out of the box and are designed to be sturdy and enjoyable for walking. These espadrilles are a beautiful option for a spring and summer shoe, as they come in a variety of colors and materials, such as leather, tweed, and goatskin. 

Just know that while you may not reach for them for every occasion, they aren’t intended to be an everyday shoe, due to the natural material and design of espadrilles. The shoes are decently priced at $800 and considering the comfort and longevity of the shoe, the Chanel espadrilles are worth the cost, if this style of shoe matches your aesthetic. 

4. Agolde Denim

Finding the perfect pair of denim can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to look. When it comes to denim, Agolde has great options for all body types, providing flattering and classic styles. Agolde denim falls in the range of $100 to $500, which may seem like a lot for a pair of jeans, but the quality and fit of the denim makes this a great designer purchase. Agolde denim has no stretch, so it is recommended to try on several sizes to find your perfect fit. The jeans are made of quality material and are long-lasting. The resale value of Agolde denim remains high, so there is little risk in the purchase. Agolde denim is worth the investment and will provide a luxurious feel to your most casual outfits. 

3. YSL Hobo Bag

This particular YSL bag is a classic handbag that elevates any outfit, regardless of the occasion. The sleek design and shape of the bag are perfect for a girls’ night out or a European vacation. The bag is also versatile in wear, and can be worn three different ways: by hand, over the shoulder, or resting on the inside of the elbow. The bag can be worn regardless of the season and retains its value over time, making the YSL Hobo Bag ($2,250) a great choice for a designer handbag.  

2. Chloe Straw Bag 

With simple detailing and a subtle, classic logo, the Chloe straw bag is close to perfection. The bag’s neutral colors are timeless, and it looks adorable with a sundress or bikini. The overall vibe is beachy and natural, which makes the Chloe straw bag a summer essential and a great designer piece to add to your collection. There are a few different shapes and sizes of the bag, but the classy, subtle designer flair is featured on each bag. The cost of the bag ($725) compared to the quality is relatively low, and the bag is a perfect addition to your beach vacation packing list. 

1. Chanel Double Flap Bag

Classic, feminine and versatile, the Chanel Double Flap Bag purse is a must-have designer bag. This stunning quilted purse comes in perfect neutral tones like black and cream and channels a timeless, vintage vibe. While the price of the item remains high (with the mini version starting at $4,400 brand new and increasing in price as the bag gets larger up to $10,000), this purse actually increases in value over time, so any of these choices would be a great investment piece. 

Closing Thoughts

Choosing a designer item should be a process, but a fun one! Take the time to evaluate a designer purchase for quality and price, then enjoy the luxurious feeling of treating yourself!

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