Apartment Hacks 101: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Small Living Space

Let's face the music: Apartment living quarters can feel cramped.

By Anna Livia Brady2 min read
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But, fortunately, making the most out of your square footage isn’t impossible, even for the studio-dwellers among us. With a little strategy, creativity, and the occasional IKEA stop, your space will feel welcoming and well-balanced in no time. Here’s how to get the most out of your small living space. 

Enhance Natural Lighting with Mirrors 

Lighting is one of those things that can make or break a room. The Swedish even have a rule of thumb that every room should have seven different light sources. But sometimes, utilizing natural lighting through strategic mirror placement is all you need to give your space an open, airy feel.

Hot tip: Use mirrors anywhere natural light can bounce off. So when you open those windows, place a full-body or even a compact mirror or two parallel to the natural light source. Your floor space will practically triple (or seem to).

Go for Whites

Every interior designer knows that bright white walls do wonders for any living space. But what about when whitewashing your walls isn’t in the cards for you? Buy white things. 

To start, get your hands on some white furniture, bedding, linens, or even dishware. Accent colors make great statements, but bright whites are the way to go for a light, timeless feel. 

Incorporate Curves 

That sharp-edged modern dining table may look divine, but when entertaining guests or even your boyfriend, curvature is your friend. 

Remember, the key to obtaining flow and achieving a balanced look in your space is to leverage yin and yang elements. In design, Yin refers to feminine elements (curves, light colors, etc.), while Yang refers to masculine elements (angles and edges, darker colors, etc.). 

If you’re looking for key furniture pieces, don’t discount the curved bar stools, oval rugs, and round oak coffee tables. Adding a few curves to a space that otherwise seems a bit closed in and jagged could do wonders for your Feng shui. 

Bring in Global Elements  

How often have romantic comedies featured characters who said, I spend all day inside, I’m so bored, I want to see the world? Now, no rom-com is a perfect blueprint for living a happy life, but that protagonist may be on to something. A space without elements of the outside world can feel industrial and a little harsh. 

So, if you want to expand your space and see the outside world in your home, get a few living plants, some Asian-inspired artwork, some Greek vases, or any other international pieces that remind you of the world around you. Even being aware of other cultures, art styles, and aesthetics can add tons of nuance and interest to your humble abode. 

Embrace Artful Minimalism 

These days, maximalism is all the rage. But if you’re looking to make the most of your living quarters, artful minimalism is the way to go. And, when done right, collecting fewer items won't come at the cost of your individuality. On the contrary, curating and tailoring your home items to only include what you truly love, invites the eye to rest and focus on what's most important in your space. 

Plus, going minimal doesn’t mean beiges and greys take the lead. Instead, going with a natural or white base and adding cohesive accent pieces (such as a boho gallery wall and handwoven jute rug) will bring the personality and poise you need.

Closing Thoughts   

Wherever you’re situated, you deserve to feel like your home is your own. And a huge part of feeling comfortable in your space is adding a sense of openness and adaptability. You pay the rent, and you should enjoy every inch of your home for what it’s worth. By strategically adding mirrors, white-hued items, curves, and global elements, and embracing minimalism, your home will transform into an open, airy sanctuary. 

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