Anne Hathway Urges Us To Not "Undervalue Fathers" And Shares A Story Of Her Dad Supporting Her Acting Career From A Young Age

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Actress Anne Hathaway has been in the spotlight since she was a teenager, but her successful acting career didn't start so glamorously. She worked hard to get to where she is today—and her father supported her from the very beginning.

In a society where fathers are all but forgotten and undervalued, Anne Hathaway urges us all to understand the importance of having a strong father in the household. She shared a story of how her father supported her from a young age when it was her dream to become an actress.

Anne Hathway Urges Us To Not "Undervalue Fathers"

"Whenever my mother wasn't free to drive me into Manhattan for auditions, I would take the train from suburban New Jersey and meet my father, who would've left his desk at the law office where he worked," she shared.

"We would meet under the upper platform arrival and departures sign in Penn Station," she continued. "We would then get on the subway together, and when we surfaced he would ask me, 'Which way is north?'"

Anne says she wasn't very good at directions and had trouble knowing where exactly she was. But she went to many auditions and every time they met in the city for an audition, he would ask the same question: which way is north?

"When I was still a child, my father developed my sense of direction and now as an adult I trust my ability to navigate space," she said. "My father helped give me the confidence to guide myself through the world."

Anne then posed a crucial question: "Why do we continue to undervalue fathers?" She said the only way to liberate women is to liberate men.

This is a message we aren't used to hearing, but it's refreshing, especially when it comes from someone who has an impact on the culture in such a big way like Anne Hathaway.

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