Anne Hathaway Had A "Devil Wears Prada" Moment With Anna Wintour And Her Outfit Is Seriously Nostalgic

By Gina Florio
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"The Devil Wears Prada" was one of the most popular movies of the early 2000s and one of Anne Hathaway's most well-known roles. People can't stop talking about a moment she had at a recent fashion show that was very Andy Sachs.

Many people speculated that Meryl Streep's role was loosely based on fashion mogul Anna Wintour, so it's all people could talk about when Anne Hathaway was seated in the front row of a fashion show next to Anna. Her outfit also made everyone think Andy Sachs had returned to the building.

Anne Hathaway Had a Devil Wears Prada Moment with Anna Wintour and Revived an Andy Sachs Outfit

In the front row of the Michael Kors show on Wednesday, Anne was seated next to Anna Wintour, Serena Williams, and Eric Adams. She wore a long, collared brown leather jacket and a black turtleneck, and her hair was perfectly pulled back with her bangs framing her face. It was very Andy Sachs, and it's all people could talk about.

Remember the end of the movie when Andy reconnected with her ex-boyfriend and serendipitously ran into Miranda Priestley? Well, it seems like Anne has given that iconic outfit a 2022 update.

It was a very full circle moment that Devil Wears Prada lovers couldn't get enough of. Diet Prada shared the photo on Instagram with the caption, "It's giving Andy Sachs, 2022!" Many are pointing out the fact that Anne looks exactly the same then as she does now, as if she hasn't aged a day.

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