An Open Letter To My Friends: The Hardest Part Of 2020 Is Seeing Your Blind Obedience

By Bailey Murphy··  6 min read
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An Open Letter To My Friends: The Hardest Part Of 2020 Is Seeing Your Blind Obedience

There’s no doubt that 2020 has presented hardships for everyone in various ways — whether it’s contracting COVID-19, being isolated, losing a loved one, losing a job, experiencing anxiety related to not knowing what the future looks like, and the list goes on. For me, personally, the hardest part of this year has been seeing my friends blindly obey and comply with the mainstream narrative.

Dear Friends,

As you know, I value my friendships and surround myself with strong, steadfast men and women of conviction. There’s no question why we bond so well, and I’m proud to call you all my friends. I admire you all for following through on your promises, putting others before yourself, working relentlessly to achieve your dreams, taking a leap of faith to try something new, and turning down what doesn’t bring you peace. You are the ultimate role models for others and make this world a better place. 

However, in the past eight months, I have seen so many of you drop everything you stand for to comply with the demands of the mainstream media and their followers. 

You’ve Never Lost Yourself Before, Why Now? 

Flashback to 2019, when you would proudly share your beliefs in person and on your social media platforms. You were always up for a healthy debate and never disrespected someone for their beliefs, no matter how different they were from yours. You also never seemed to care if someone liked you or not because you were so self-confident. You knew you had to stand for something, or you would fall for anything. 

You’re allowing the mainstream media to label you as whatever fits their narrative for the time being.

But today, you’re deleting posts you once were proud of due to concern that someone with a victim mentality might label them as offensive. You’re replacing them with false admission of “privilege” and announcing to the world what you’re doing to educate yourself on topics the mainstream media is promoting. You’re allowing the mainstream media to label you as whatever fits their narrative for the time being, whether it’s privileged, close-minded, traditional, or simply “not woke.” You cowardly post squares and hashtags, not because it’s something you personally align with, but to avoid potential backlash. Since when did you care what strangers on the internet think of you? 

You’re Better Than This

You made it through college and, many of you, graduate school thinking for yourself and doing your own research. Now the mainstream media tells you anything, and you accept it as true. You’re so much smarter than this. As we always say, “Trust the source.”  Imagine how different the world would be if we started viewing the mainstream media as the number one source of gossip instead of the number one source of news. 

The mainstream media and their flock of followers may be loud, but that doesn’t make them right. They target people like you who think for themselves, work hard, and are self-reliant. They gaslight you and spoon-feed you their narrative. Ultimately, they’re looking for more power and control. They know the best way to gain your obedience is by labeling you something deplorable. The friends I know would never allow anyone to falsely label them as something they’re not. You’re allowing the fear of these labels to either silence you or force you into submission. 

The mainstream media and their flock of followers may be loud, but that doesn’t make them right.

It’s breaking my heart seeing you accept these labels and conform. It’s one thing to accept constructive criticism — it’s another to bow down to an angry mob. You claim your actions are helping “fight the system.” If Hollywood, Big Tech, and the mainstream media are all pushing your actions, you’re not “fighting the system” — you’re advancing the narrative. 

My friends, contrary to what you’re being told, you actually put so much more positivity and good into this world before you started accepting these labels. You volunteered your time and were extremely charitable. You voted for candidates by doing your own research. You made choices based on your morals and values. You aimed to make a difference in your communities. You never felt the need to post on social media about it because you were never looking for recognition. 

But today, you’re seeking attention online or seeking to avoid negative attention in ways I have never seen before. What are you trying to prove? Your true friends know what you stand for. Your true friends would never believe something a stranger labels you as, and if they did, they aren’t your true friends. 

No, It’s Not Privilege

Out of everything you’re falsely admitting to being, how does your family feel when you credit your lifestyle and success to “privilege”? After everything they sacrificed for you to help you be where you are today, why does “privilege” get the shout out? 

After everything your family sacrificed for you to get you where you are, why does “privilege” get the shout out? 

It’s not wrong for parents to want their children to have a better and easier life than they had. Many of our parents worked multiple jobs, took out loans, and made countless other sacrifices to put us through school and help us achieve our dreams. I have never seen such blatant disrespect for our families than to credit “privilege” and associate it with guilt for being at a place in life that required a lot of hard work and sacrifice. 

In Case You Need Reminding 

My friends, you are stand-up citizens. You never lose yourself to others. You made good decisions and sacrifices to get where you are today. You strive to be the best version of yourselves daily and operate with the best of intentions.

You respect everyone for their differences and never put others down. You stand up for your friends and family in public and in private. You never apologize for things you didn’t do or say. You never shrink yourselves to make others feel more comfortable. You trust but verify. 

You never apologize for things you didn’t do or say.

You know you are solely responsible for your happiness. You don’t play the victim. You never allow others to tell you what or how to think. You are not a label. You are wonderful human beings who are loved and valued exactly the way you are.  

Closing Thoughts

2020 has been hard enough. Let’s not make it any harder by assuming false identities that align with the current narratives being pushed by the mainstream media. Rather, let’s get back to standing up for what we believe in. It doesn’t matter what strangers and the mainstream media label you as. Your true friends know and love you for the real you and won’t blink twice at the false labels.

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