Americans Are Sacrificing Kids To Protect Adults, And It Has To Stop

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner
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There was once a time when adults acted like adults and sacrificed themselves and their security, for the sake of future generations. My grandfather would have literally died for me. He was a World War II vet who made peace with his mortality in a fox hole and taught me to trust in my instincts.

Unfortunately, modern society is run by elitists and adult-children who would rather sacrifice other people’s kids than face uncertainty. Even now, after the CDC has openly admitted that Covid isn’t as deadly or detrimental as previously advertised, even now that they have admitted that most Covid deaths came from people who were already dying of other conditions (as many as four other medical issues), and even now that the CDC has admitted that their rushed vaccine doesn’t prevent transmissions, people are still masking, distancing, and isolating children. 

It’s time to call their bluff. It’s time to let it all out. It’s long past time for parents like me (who homeschool, never masked myself or my children, and do not allow fear to rule our lives) to show everyone just how badly they have harmed the next generation because of their own cowardice.

Children Have Been Treated Like a Disease 

In early 2021, news broke that the CDC school policy recommendations for Covid protocols were not based on the best interest of the students. Instead, they were influenced by the most powerful teachers' union in the U.S. 

Leaked emails documented how The American Federation of Teachers suggested the specific language that CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, published. Children were forced to wear masks, social distance, and treat each other as if they were a walking disease, and now the psychological effects are presenting themselves. It will take years to fully understand just how harmful these unresearched, unscientific policies have been to children, but we’re already witnessing plenty of evidence.

What I would like to know is why wasn’t evidence of efficacy demanded before such policies were put in place? Why didn’t teachers' unions lobby to get back to class the second that it was found that Covid isn't as deadly or harmful to children, that it doesn't easily live on surfaces, and that it doesn't even spread through asymptomatic people

Some of these public school teachers were likely legitimately scared of the virus. They listened to the mainstream news media and politicians who promoted fear for profit instead of examining the data themselves. They actually thought they would die if they walked into a classroom because children were seen as germ factories instead of developing humans in need of socialization, nurturing, and proper care. Our children were slowly dehumanized by pop-culture, and they fell for it. 

Our children were slowly dehumanized by pop-culture, and teachers fell for it. 

Other public school teachers got comfortable teaching from home. Even if they understood that the hysteria didn’t add up, they found the value of working without having to drive to a school and command the attention of 20-30 children by themselves. 

By now, there are no excuses. Children need access to each other. They need to be able to look to a teacher for guidance and find a smile. Because they’re not receiving that in many areas, still – now that we know better – they're losing hope for themselves, others, and the future. And at what cost?  All so adults can feel safer, and avoid having to get up, put on professional attire, and teach in-person. 

Youth Suicide Attempts Have Skyrocketed

Like all humans, when children lose hope, they lose their will to live. Having been in that position myself, I cannot imagine the mental issues that young people are facing today. 

Our children have been taught that they shouldn’t question authority, they should hide their faces as if they were criminals, they should hide from death and anything that might potentially cause it, and that if someone doesn’t do these things then they’re trying to kill everyone. Now imagine hearing someone like the director of the CDC admit they were wrong, after all this time. Imagine looking at the world and fearing everything, even your own body, and then seeing people walking around as if the pandemic didn’t exist and how terrifying that may seem to them. 

The pandemic didn’t cause this. Our government, education system, and media caused it. They have collectively groomed and abused our children into submission. As more information comes out proving the CDC guidelines wrong, and displaying that Covid was never the plague the media wanted, think of how many of those children will feel robbed, abused, angry, hateful, and again, hopeless, because their own leaders, teachers, and even parents didn’t stand up for them. 

Youth suicide attempts increased by just over 50% in the spring of 2021.

Youth suicide attempts increased by just over 50% in the spring of 2021. The data on how many teens have killed themselves throughout the course of the pandemic, up until now, will not be released for some time, but it was already being questioned by the scientific community back in September 2020. It was also reported that youth suicide killed more children before the pandemic than Covid did at its height. Fears that it would increase held more basis in logic and reasoning than anyone’s fears for a child catching Covid. 

But mental health and suicide rates are not the only side-effect of bad policies led by adult cowardice. Early childhood development has been stunted as well. 

Babies and Toddlers Are Experiencing Developmental Delays

My youngest son was born in September 2020. My toddler had already experienced some delayed speech. I was well aware that facial recognition and lip reading are the key elements of emotional and social development in babies and toddlers, so because of this I preferred to opt for social distancing (when others expressed concern about Covid) rather than wearing a mask. I knew that not only the development of my children depended on them seeing my face, but that of other children we met also depended on learning to understand facial expressions in social situations. 

Fast-forward to the present and the “experts” who supported masking everyone – including children who were never a threat to anyone’s health – are suddenly reporting that babies born in 2020 are showing signs of developmental delays

Thanks to my intuition, my youngest isn’t, and he’s very expressive, but it pains me to see the scared and confused children who stare at him when he smiles and waves at them as they walk by us at the grocery store wearing a mask. This year alone, we have met more 2 year olds who are afraid of other kids than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. 

Babies born in 2020 are showing signs of developmental delays.

There are currently no studies to measure if or how damaging long-term mask usage and exposure are for toddlers and children, but a British report was released last year proving that lockdowns definitely harmed children’s speech on many levels. I don’t even need to predict how many more studies will find that children are experiencing record levels of autism and other developmental issues, I know they're coming, and I’m not surprised. 

Plenty of us tried to warn others about this from the very beginning. Young children learn best through experience, and if we ban them from normal healthy activities – like going to the park and playing on the playground with other children – it will lead to serious consequences. 

But what are we advised to do? How can we help if society remains locked in the spell of The Emperor's New Pandemic? The “experts,” the same people who first said masks don’t work, then said they do… the very people who have openly lied to cover their own butts, instead of admitting they were wrong, told parents we’re on our own. That was their solution: Parents just need to spend more face-time with their children

They solely focused on concerns over verbal skills and didn’t even address the host of social problems that come with speech delays, isolation from peers, or a lack of immersion with a diverse group of children from varying backgrounds. 

Closing Thoughts

Parents have been lied to. Our children have been abused. Every single teacher, media personality, politician, CEO, and “childless parenting expert” who pushed this agenda needs to be held accountable. Mothers and fathers who allowed fear to lead them to punish their children for the sake of adults must be honest with themselves. 

These people need to not only admit that they were given incorrect information and pandered to it, but they also need to do what’s right and give our children back their lives. How we seek legal action is up to us, but first and foremost, we must focus on the needs of the kids who are still suffering and put that before our petty differences. 

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