"This Broke The Mind Of American Twitter": Japanese McDonald's Ad Promoting Traditional Family Unit Goes Viral

Who knew a cute McDonald's Japan ad would create such a controversy?

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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It appears McDonald's is working hard to improve the birth rates in Japan. On September 20, McDonald's Japan uploaded the cutest video ad on X: an Anime family eating chicken nuggets and fries. In the 21-second clip, the little girl sits on the dad's lap while the mom sweetly feeds her a french fry. The promo was so effective that it reached American Twitter and garnered over 70 million impressions. "I swear to god, the flip that switched in me that made me want a daughter is crazy," says @dyingscribe.

@AltHistCody says, "This broke the mind of American Twitter and it wasn't even its intended audience."

"Billions will be born," jokes @Bolverk15.

Author John A. Douglas thinks this ad may have angered the child-free community on social media. "This 21 second clip of a happy family has broken the brains of the the internet. The 'kids are a financial burden' crowd are seething," he said. "The 'look how happy I am w/o kids' Xanax popping, wine cooler swilling future cat moms are coping. All it took was a 21 second clip to make a lot of people realize that happiness is having and providing for a loving family. Guess what? It’s as great as it looks."

What McDonald's Ads Look Like in the U.S.

You might be wondering how a drawing of a family could create so much chaos. Many X users state that numerous people are upset about this ad, but I haven't seen any negative comments yet. But I believe it went viral because the U.S. audience isn't used to this wholesome content. Take, for example, this American McDonald's video of a transperson from 2020. The food chain company wrote, "Black trans women have a very simple message: stop killing us."

Considering how the trans ideology feels like it's getting pushed down Americans' throats, it makes sense why the adorable ad by Japan sent the internet into a frenzy. People are so used to seeing single moms and pride imagery in media that an ad featuring a traditional family became controversial.

McDonald's Japan didn't stop there. They went viral again after sharing another video of three boys eating together.

The audience's reaction to these ads proves we've been robbed of loving and sweet content. So many Westerners have been living lives devoid of healthy relationships and are constantly bombarded with content that promotes negativity and the victim mentality. Hopefully, American companies can take note of Japan's wholesome marketing.

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