Amber Heard Is Now Being Paid Thousands Of Dollars To Give Domestic Violence Talks

By Paula Gallagher
·  2 min read
Amber Heard Is Now Being Paid Thousands Of Dollars To Give Domestic Violence Talks

Amber Heard seems to be on a winning-at-life streak, but one that’s pretty controversial and possibly unjustified.

Following her divorce from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard has been causing controversy with her Washington Post op-ed about domestic violence and her role in Depp’s recent libel suit against The Sun, in which the court found the label “wife-beater” not incorrect. However, there are plenty of fans and some leaked audio recordings that claim Heard was the violent one in their relationship.

Since then Depp’s career has plummeted, most recently losing his role in the Fantastic Beast franchise. Heard, on the other hand, is riding high. Not only will she be on screen in CBS’ adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, but she has acquired another lucrative gig.

The “eloquent and passionate speaker” can be booked for $33,000.

According to The Harry Walker Agency, you can now hire Amber Heard to be a keynote speaker. One of the topics she covers is domestic violence and being a survivor.  

The agency website describes Heard as “an outspoken advocate for women's rights and for the civil rights of survivors of all gender-based violence around the world” and states that “Amber works with organizations that encourage survivors both personally and politically to come forward and reclaim their power. Amber makes frequent trips to DC to lobby and fight on behalf of the civil rights of women and the innumerable silent survivors of gender-based violence.”

The “eloquent and passionate speaker” can be booked for $33,000. Heard has already spoken at events like the Global Citizen Festival, the Social Good Summit, the L’Oreal Women of Worth awards, and the Women’s March 2020. 

Heard and Depp are still involved in a legal case in the U.S., so the result of that case may impact other organizations’ interest in hiring her in the future.