Alleged "Richest Girl On TikTok" Is Back And Her Videos Are Crazy—But The Internet Thinks She's Lying About Her Life

The "richest girl on TikTok" is back from her ban, and the internet has questions: Who is she? And is she lying about her luxurious life?

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Imagine getting a $235,000 vehicle at 16 years old. A girl named Flo (@secretfloflo) blew up on TikTok last month after she uploaded a video discussing getting her first car: a Lamborghini Urus. As Flo primes her face in a large room with a chandelier, she reveals how her family is heading to Manhattan for a Lambo appointment. Unfortunately, the car they're looking at is used (how terrible, right?). "I mean, obviously, I don't want a used car, but if I get it new, it would take, like, 15 months or 20 months to come," Flo explains.

She also casually mentions how her mom needs a new Rolex because the one she was using broke, which is another reason they're going to New York. The young woman also wishes she took online classes instead of attending school because it's a "waste of her time." "My teachers don't even teach us sh*t," she claims, "I'm usually just sitting in class, and they're teaching me stuff I already know. And I'm wasting eight hours of my day when I could be, like, going to work with my dad and, like, learning about business."

Lastly, Flo shows off her spotless guest room. "Let me show you guys my guest room. Let me know if I should stay here. Also, it's kind of a mess." Shortly after her video went viral, her account got banned from TikTok, but it was recently reinstated. It seems people didn't like Flo and mass-reported her, even though she did nothing wrong. Sure, she sounds snooty, but she's also just a teenager, and it looks like she's having fun.

The influencer continues to post videos of herself dancing in her fancy house. Sometimes, she shows off her shopping hauls and provides updates on her new luxury ride.

However, people on social media are questioning Flo's authenticity. "She's lying ab her whole life," a Reddit user (@Key-Grapefruit-7773) alleges. "It's stereotypical satire, she looks ab 22 yo." Flo's Lambo video does kind of give off that satirical vibe, one that makes fun of out-of-touch rich kids. The Redditor speculates that the 16-year-old may be related to someone with access to luxury properties.

"Honestly i personally think she’s either related to someone in realty and has access to those houses or is in realty herself or has some access to large houses on the market," he adds, "bc none of her posts show an environment that would fit the lifestyle she’s talking ab, there’s no expensive art, or chandeliers, there’s not even a couch, there’s no table in the walkway it’s bare, I’m telling you she doesn’t live there or own that house." Good observations, but what if her parents just purchased the home? What if the lack of decor is her family being into minimalism?

The satire speculations got worse when Flo said in another video that Lamborghinis are "not even that expensive." YouTuber Ray William Johnson added his two cents, saying, "I don't know, guys. I think maybe she's playing us." It's hard to believe that someone would think a Lambo is cheap.

Plenty of social media personalities have been caught faking their "luxury" lifestyles, so, naturally, people are skeptical of Flo's content. While Flo's house may look unfurnished and not lived in, it doesn't necessarily mean she is faking or lying about her life. The rich kids on TikTok exist, and they love to show off. Whether or not Flo is lying remains a mystery, but one thing is certain: She doesn't deserve to be bullied or harassed off the platform.

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