Alice + Olivia Is Releasing A Fall 'Gossip Girl' Collection And We Can’t Wait

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Alice + Olivia Is Releasing A Fall 'Gossip Girl' Collection And We Can’t Wait
Alice and Olivia

Around most of the world spring has yet to begin, but on the Upper East Side fall has already arrived, in the form of Alice + Olivia’s fall ‘Gossip Girl’ inspired collection. And I have all the details. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl and specifically the show’s fashion (we know we are), get excited because the Alice + Olivia Fall 2021 Collection was inspired by your favorite Upper East Siders and designed by Stacey Bendet in collaboration with Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman. 

Having Eric Daman come in to help design the collection is especially fitting given the Gossip Girl reboot is set to air this year. I’ve been disappointed by some of the photos that came out from the show, but I’m hoping that this collection is a signal I’ll be pleasantly surprised by what the reboot fashion will have to offer.

Bendet really wanted her fall collection to be all about what she sees as being true New York style. Bendet utilized classics like plaid, tweed, and houndstooth in a red, white, and black color palette but then updated them with vegan leather and denim for a modern update. 

The line merged a more preppy school girl aesthetic you might see Blair rock with the more edgy, rocker look Jenny Humphrey adopted later on in the show. So whether you’re Blair, Serena, or Jenny this collection will have something for you.

The pieces aren’t for sale just yet, but that won’t stop us from admiring them! (In the meantime, we’ve got a style guide to help you create some Blair and Serena inspired winter outfits.)  

An Outfit Worthy of Ruling Constance

alice olivia gossip girl collection black white herringbone tweed dress

If this isn’t a Blair outfit, I don’t know what is. The tweed dress, elegant hair accessories, and stockings are all totally her vibe. But at the same time, it’s more wearable because it’s more neutral than a lot of her outfits were on the show. It’s a really great outfit for a fancy dinner, whether you decide to go more classic with stockings that extend all the way up or leave it with a cute, trendy touch. Just don’t forget to add a headband!

Schoolgirl Chic

Can anyone get through the first few seasons of Gossip Girl without wanting to go to a private school?  These schoolgirl outfits totally blend what Blair and Jenny would have rocked at Constance. A frilly top to match Blair’s more girly girl style, and an edgy take on the plaid skirt coupled with a jacket that’s more Jenny’s vibe. Whether you wear these pieces all together or break them up to create outfits with other things in your wardrobe, fall is the perfect time to wear a school girl inspired look.

Coats Blair and Serena Would Approve Of

alice olivia gossip girl collection black white houndstooth coat red skirt shirt

Blair Waldorf was all about the statement coat. And houndstooth is right up her alley. This is the perfect statement coat because the black and white color palette will make it way more versatile than you’d expect, so it makes for a great investment piece. 

Another really cool version of this coat in the line that I think I might actually like more is this similar houndstooth style but with a bit of pattern mixing. This is more of a Serena Coat, and actually reminds me of an outfit Blake Lively wore.

alice olivia gossip girl collection pattern mixing houndstooth black white coat

A Look for the Waldorf Thanksgiving

alice olivia gossip girl collection black gold floral dress

Need a dress that Eleanor Waldorf herself would approve of? This is the one! The gold leaf print gives it a subtle Thanksgiving touch (though it would obviously work all season) that would be in vogue at the Waldorf household. Plus, it totally proves that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to be fashionable. (Correction, super fashionable.)

An Edgy Dress Jenny Humphrey Would Make

alice olivia gossip girl collection shiny black dress lace sleeves pink cuffs

If Jenny Humphrey is more your style than Blair or Serena, then this is the dress for you. The vegan leather paired alongside the lacey sleeves makes it unique and really cool for an edgier look.

Need a Dress for the Debutante Ball?

alice olivia gossip girl collection metallic fancy dresses

If you need a dress for the debutante ball (and you’re not Ivy Dickens so you can’t just steal Serena’s), then this gold dress is the next best thing and feels like it was taken right off the show. The silver top and skirt set is perfect for a night on the town if you don’t have a ball to attend, but still want to dress to impress. 

And if gold and silver just aren’t your style, this black sequined gown is unbeatable and so Blair!

alice olivia gossip girl collection black sequin formal gown

You Need a Knit Look for Brunch at Lily’s

alice olivia gossip girl collection white knit dress tall black boots

And everyone knows you need to look your best for lunch at the Van Der Woodsens’, so you’ll be in need of the perfect sweater set. This is definitely something we would catch our it-girl Serena sashaying into brunch wearing after she’s done meeting Dan. Or, hey without the boots, even Lily. The woman had style!

Dresses Blair Would Wear around the House

alice olivia gossip girl collection black dress neon yellow lace detail

alice olivia gossip girl collection lacy black dress hemline

These dresses remind me so much of the little nighties that Blair would wear when she was at home (and sometimes turn into street fashion), except with a Jenny Humphrey-esque edge. Add a strand of pearls and live your extra life — Blair would.  

Closing Thoughts

This Alice + Olivia collection is the stuff dreams are made of. It’s classic and innovative all at the same time. I might just have to save up in anticipation of the new collection. The only problem is choosing which piece to buy! 

And, as if you needed any more reason to keep your eyes peeled for when these pieces officially go on sale, here’s the gorgeous video they shot showcasing all the different items.

But whether or not you decide to invest in any of the Alice + Olivia pieces, the 2021 Fall Collection serves as great outfit inspiration to keep in mind when you’re out shopping. 

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