"I Was Manipulated"—Adam Levine Allegedly Cheated And Asked His Mistress If He Could Name His Third Child After Her

Adam Levine’s mistress, 23-year-old Sumner Stroh, went on TikTok to expose the Maroon 5 singer’s cheating habits after asking her if he could name his third kid Sumner.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
Sumner Stroh > Instagram

Just this week, Adam Levine and his wife, Behati Prinsloo, announced that they were having their third child. Even though the Victora’s Secret model and Levine have been together for 10 years, Sumner Stroh claims that he’s been unfaithful. In the video, Stroh starts by saying that she was “manipulated” and that she and Levine saw each other for a year. According to some sources, Stroh was only 19 at the time, with Levine nearing 40.

After some months of no contact, Levine apparently texted Stroh, asking if he could name his child after her. “Ok serious question,” the text says, “I’m having another baby and if it’s [a] boy I really wanna name it Sumner. You ok with that? DEAD serious.” Stroh was left confused. “I’m in hell,” she says.

So far, the Maroon 5 singer and Behati Prinsloo have yet to confirm the story, but the model did briefly share screenshots of one of their conversations on Instagram. “It is truly unreal how f*cking hot you are,” wrote the tatted singer. “Like it blows my mind.” To which Stroh replied, “I mean I think the same. Seeing u in person I was like…. I’m f*cked.” 

Even though their relationship seems consensual, the influencer says she was manipulated. “My morals were unknowingly compromised, I was completely manipulated,” says Stroh.

While Levine is definitely more influential than Stroh due to his celebrity status, users online weren’t too keen on defending Stroh. “As someone who comes from a broken home, you’re not a victim when you sleep with a married man,” says Christian Walker in a TikTok Stitch. “The only victims of affairs are the loyal partner and the children, if there’s any children involved. We’ve become this weird generation of yelling ‘poor me’ on the internet and expecting to garner all of the support while absolutely taking no accountability for our actions.” 

Closing Thoughts

If the allegations are true, it goes without saying that Adam Levine was in the wrong and that his actions were incredibly disgusting, to say the least. For an entire year, he decided to act selfishly, with no regard for his wife and children. The fact that he had the nerve to actually text his mistress to ask for permission to name his child after her should be enough for Behati to run! 

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