Activists Were Already Trying To Get Rid Of LAPD Before George Floyd’s Death

The George Floyd riots and protests have resulted in calls for racial justice, awareness about racism, and disturbingly, an end to our police forces in America.

By S.G. Cheah2 min read
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How did we, the sane segment of society-at-large, come to the point where we’re allowing activists to demonize law enforcement and call for their disbandment? Well, it didn’t start on May 25. The Black Lives Matter movement and other activists have a long history of targeting the police, long before the George Floyd incident took place. In fact, it looks like activists already had massive anti-police protests planned the week before George Floyd’s death. But more on that later.

George Floyd’s Death Was the Catalyst BLM Needed To Launch Their Plans

The Black Lives Matter movement has been at war with law enforcement as far back as 2014. In a 2016 interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County stated clearly that the “anti-cop sentiment from this hateful ideology called Black Lives Matter has fueled this rage against the American police officers. I predicted this 2 years ago.”

The Black Lives Matter movement has been at war with law enforcement as far back as 2014.

Do the math — Black Lives Matter has been targeting law enforcement since way before our current protests. Make no mistake, Black Lives Matter has been planning to defund the police long before the death of George Floyd. The movement exploited Floyd’s death as an opportunity to incite violence for something they had already organized to "protest." Along with their sister activism groups, like the Democratic Socialists of America, BLM was already primed to activate thousands of activists at the click of a button.

BLM and Other Social Justice Groups “Organize” Social Media Outcry

The Democratic Socialists of America were already sending out emails containing a toolkit for organizers and activists to use, to gear up the anti-police movement days before Floyd's death. You can reach the toolkit via a link in this email. (Please note: this Google Doc may be updated at any time by the owner. The below pictures show the document as it appeared at the writing of this article.)

Notice the language in the first section of the toolkit. They’re celebrating their successful actions to defund the police at a city council meeting on May 21, four days before Floyd's death.

Needless to say, George Floyd’s death just happened to be the catalyst they needed to jump start the nationwide riots and protest for their agenda. But let’s take a look at how organizations like Black Lives Matter orchestrate social media outcry to achieve their objectives.

1. Give Your Activists the When, Where, and Why

Organizations like BLM and DSA use email networks and social media groups to organize their activists. They tell them when, where and why to protest. Of course, all of this is meant to look like organic outrage, but it’s actually carefully orchestrated.

Notice the instructions. “Call and tweet at Mayor Eric Garcetti @MayorOfLA NONSTOP. Tell him to #DefundThePolice.” This is how they create trending hashtags. Activists are told what to tweet, on what day, and with what hashtags to create artificial “trends” on Twitter and other social media.

2. Give Them the Language They Need

The toolkit is filled with exactly what language the activists should use. There are scripts for phone calls, sample tweets, and even instructions for public comment should an activist be interviewed by a journalist.

3. Give Them Pictures To Flood Social Media

The toolkit even provides activists with images they can post on any social media platform, with the corresponding hashtag. Again, this is all to make it seem as if there’s a massive organic upwelling of outrage.

Closing Thoughts: How To Take Down America

Black Lives Matter’s activism doesn’t care one bit about the welfare of the minorities they claim to protect. What they truly care about is the destruction of the American way of life. In order to do this, they are weaponizing social media in order to create faux movements that are politically inconvenient for those in power to ignore. But it’s important for the rest of us to understand how they’re using these tactics to manipulate public opinion.