According To Her Recent TikTok, We've Been Mispronouncing Lindsay Lohan's Name All These Years

Lindsay Lohan kicked off her fame by being a sweet child star who had the unique ability of playing two completely different characters in the beloved remake of the "The Parent Trap." Since then, Lindsay has had a few bumps along the road.

By Gina Florio1 min read
Lindsay Lohan

From drug abuse to her parents' messy divorce to several arrests, Lindsay Lohan has definitely had a rough time in her early adulthood years. But since then Lindsay has finally gotten sober and is on the up. She's healthier, more stable, and is even engaged.

Lindsay Lohan Started a TikTok and Her First Video Caused a Stir

In the midst of all her recent success – being cast in a Netflix Christmas movie, due in late 2022, and starring in a self-deprecating Super Bowl ad for Planet Fitness – Lindsay has also joined TikTok, and she has already delivered a throwback lip-sync of a Parent Trap clip that gave us some serious nostalgia.

But her very first TikTok made us all stop and stare. It was a simple selfie clip of Lindsay announcing her arrival to the popular social media platform.

"Hey everyone. It’s Lindsay Lohan, and guess what? Now I’m on TikTok," she said with a smile.

But it wasn't what she said. It was how she said it. All these years you've probably been pronouncing Lindsay's last name as Lo-Han, as if the last syllable rhymed with the word "hand." But that's not how Lindsay said it. She said, "Lowen."

So have we been mispronouncing her name all these years? Because there's no way Lindsay would accidentally say her last name wrong. Well, we aren't the only ones who noticed.

"u pronounced ur name wrong," one person wrote. Another commented, "im sorry ive said your name wrong my entire life."

There are over 5,500 comments on the video, and the majority of them are in shock at Lindsay's name pronunciation. Well, at least now we know that we've all been accidentally butchering the Lohan name for years.