A-List Fashion Designer Alexander Wang Accused Of Many Counts Of Sexual Assault

NYC fashion designer Alexander Wang has been accused by many people on social media of sexual assault.

By Paula Gallagher1 min read
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This past Monday, S--- Model Management (SMM) and Diet Prada, two Instagram accounts that try to expose wrongdoings in the fashion industry, both shared collections of allegations from anonymous individuals who detail how Wang sexually assaulted them or a friend.

The caption states, “Alexander Wang has been accused of sexual assault for a few years now. Instead of letting these occurrences be swept under the rug, it is time to do something about this...It is time to hold abusers in the fashion industry accountable...We can’t let famous people get away with sexual assault just because they’re on a pedestal. They need to be held accountable just like every other abuser.”

SMM also encourages people to unfollow Wang and his clothing brand on Instagram.

In addition to the numerous anonymous allegations, two people — Nick Ward and Owen Mooney — publicly shared their stories of sexual assault with Insider. Their stories are similar: both men were attending packed music performances when Alexander Wang suddenly groped their privates.

"With everything that has come to light, I want the focus to be on the many allegations pouring in after I shared my story," Mooney told Insider. "Although what happened to me was unacceptable, the stories being told by other victims is the reason why I have gone public."

Wang declined to comment to InStyle and has turned off the comments on his brand’s Instagram account as well as on his latest personal post.