A Hairy Middle Eastern Woman’s Honest Review Of Every Type Of Hair Removal Product On The Market—Ranked Worst To Best

Body hair isn’t the most glamorous thing to discuss with others, but being hairless doesn’t come easy to all of us.

By Hannah Leah4 min read
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My biological father is a Jewish man from Israel and, unfortunately, I inherited his hairy genes. I've been cursed with dark, thick, and coarse body hair since a young age. This caused some insecurities growing up because the typical women’s razors never worked well for me. Now in my mid-20s, I've tried every product on the market, and I know what works and what doesn’t. Here is my honest review of each product ranked from worst to best. 

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6. Shaving Powder or Creams

Products like Nair and Magic promise the world on the labeling, but I have tried several of them, and I’m pretty sure not even one single hair left my body. Even the kinds that are marketed toward thick, coarse hair did absolutely nothing for me. I’ve heard horror stories where kids get a hold of them and end up with bald spots, so I assume it must work for some types of hair, but not for this hairy woman! 

5. At-Home Laser Hair Removal

I wanted to like this product so badly. I paid a pretty penny for it, so I assumed it would produce some results. For starters, you must use it consistently. The instructions called for using it several times a week, for several weeks. It takes some time to do, but I was willing to put in the work if it got me results. After about four to six weeks of using it, I saw some patches of hair loss in certain areas (which is the goal), but within a short span of time, the hair returned. I’ve been experimenting with this product for about two years on and off, but I haven’t been successful.

I only tried one brand of at-home laser hair removal, so I have to wonder if other brands might be better, worse, or the same. But I asked other girls I know who have tried it, and they had similar unsatisfying results. Our hair is stubborn!

4. Women’s Razors

I actually wanted to rate women’s razors lower than what I did, but I decided they were more successful than the previous methods, despite my hatred of them. This was the first hair removal method that I tried, because that's what every other girl used when they started shaving. This is what caused my insecurities. I tried every kind of women’s razor out there. None of them gave me a close shave, and all of them left me with razor bumps and ingrown hairs. I cringed every time a Venus razor commercial came on TV because those women’s legs looked nothing like mine. 

3. Men’s Razors

After years of unsuccessful shaving, one of my friends mentioned that she used men’s razors to shave. My little brain had never considered trying men’s razors, simply because they were labeled “men.” But it made sense to me, because men’s beards are often coarse and stubborn. I gave it a try, and it was like the holy grail for me. Finally, a close shave! This would be my top-rated method if it weren’t for ingrown hairs and the short amount of time it takes for the hair to grow back. But despite those things, it’s been a life-saver, finally allowing me to boast smooth legs like everyone else. 

My favorite men's razors are Gillette Sensor3 Sensitive Men’s Disposable Razors

2. Waxing

I asked a family member in Israel what most of the women there do for hair removal, and she said they switch between shaving and waxing. The thought of having a stranger wax my body was a bit intimidating and scary, but I finally worked up the courage. I had a pretty good experience, and actually continued it for a while. I still get it done every now and then, but I don’t do it regularly because it’s costly. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try, because it lasts for a few weeks before the hair grows back, and you’re as smooth as a baby’s bottom. 

You should know a few things before getting waxed. The hair must be slightly grown out before someone is able to wax you. This is a disadvantage to waxing, but it’s essential. A good rule of thumb is to let the hair grow out for one to two weeks before getting waxed. Another thing I’ve learned about waxing is that every woman’s pain tolerance for this is different. I've heard some women say it’s excruciating, but I don't even flinch most of the time. It’s not pleasant, but it's doable. 

There are two things that make a difference in waxing pain: type of wax and having someone who actually knows what they’re doing. The traditional resin/honey-based waxes can get really hot, but there are some waxing pros out there who still use this method and perform is quickly and relatively-painlessly. However, a warm hard wax is generally the least painful. It comes out of the pot warm, but hardens after a moment on the skin. This type of wax only sticks to the hair, not your skin, which makes it far more "comfortable" for hair removal.

Sugaring, which is often touted as gentle or good for sensitive skin, is not wax at all, but rather a combination of sugar, lemon, and water. It usually comes in a sticky ball that's rubbed over the hair to remove it. And despite its more natural product makeup, it can be among the most painful types of hair removal, particularly if you have coarse hair.

When it comes to keeping pain from waxing to a minimum, the faster the hair is removed, the better. If the esthetician waxing you is going over the same area repeatedly, she don’t know what she's doing. The key is to hold the area taut and rip off the wax quickly. I’ve actually waxed myself at home before, but it’s much easier to have someone else do it. 

1. Professional Laser Treatment

I rank this one the highest, but I must admit, this is the only method I have yet to try. That being said, I've spoken with several other women who have done it, and they say it's life-changing. The procedure is expensive — each session costs a few hundred dollars, and it takes multiple sessions, and the more body coverage, the more expensive — but it’s permanent, which makes it worth the money, especially for people with dark, coarse, noticeable hair. Look to Groupon, Living Social, and other discount sites, as many med spas offer laser-hair removal at a discount through them.

One lady I know who had this done over 10 years ago said that she is still hairless to this day. She only had her ankles and armpits done (because of cost), but she said it was very worth it. She has also tried the home laser method and had a similar experience to me. It's important to note that laser-hair removal works best with dark hair on lighter skin, which is why it's ideal for those with dark, coarse hair. Women with fair hair and fair skin don't see nearly as good results, if any at all. As a young 20-something, I don’t have professional laser treatment money right now, but I plan on getting it done eventually!

Closing Thoughts

You wouldn’t think so much thought could be put into hair removal, but for those with stubborn body hair, it’s an important topic. As a woman, you want to feel beautiful and feminine, and body hair makes you feel the opposite of that. I know some women embrace body hair, but I feel more beautiful without it. Everyone’s hair is different, so some people probably had success with certain methods that didn’t work for me, but hopefully, this review gives someone inspiration to try something new. 

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