A Former Employee Bashes Kim Kardashian's Career Advice By Sharing Details About The Toxic Work Environment

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Kim Kardashian shared her "best advice for women in business" with Variety: "Get your f**king ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days."

Jessica DeFino, a former employee of the Kardashian family, responded with some truly jaw-dropping details of what it was really like to work for the famous sisters.

Jessica DeFino Shares Details of the Kardashians' Toxic Work Experience

After Variety shared a tweet with Kim Kardashian's quote, DeFino retweeted with her own message. "I was an editor on the Kardashian apps in 2015 in LA, worked days nights & weekends, could only afford groceries from the 99 Cents Only Store, called out “sick” more than once bc I couldn’t put gas in my car to get to the office, & was reprimanded for freelancing on the side ❤️," she wrote.

Apparently DeFino, who is now a beauty reporter, worked on all five Kardashian Official Apps and she ghostwrote for Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner's apps and socials. This isn't the first time that she has spoken out against the Kardashian family. In 2020 she tweeted a similar message after Kim bragged about the horses her family had on their ranch. This was also shortly after it was announced that Kim was officially a billionaire.

"Have a good work environment where everyone loves what they do," Kim continued in her interview. "No toxic work environments and show up and do the work." How fitting.

People are responding to DeFino's tweet with scathing responses about the Kardashians.

None of the Kardashians have responded to DeFino's recollections of working for them.

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