A Fitness Coach Went Vegan And Gained 40+ Pounds, Lost It All By Eating Meat Again

By Gina Florio··  3 min read
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Fitness coach vegan gained weight

The vegan diet is one of those trends that everybody is talking about, and many people are attempting to incorporate veganism into their life because they think it will make them healthier.

A fitness coach named Daniela Vizintin was one of those people. She watched the film Game Changers and decided to switch to the vegan diet. Daily Mail reported on her story.

Daniela Gained 40+ Pounds From the Vegan Diet

In July 2017, before Daniela went vegan, she wore size 6-8 clothes and weighed around 106 pounds. In 2018 after having been on the vegan diet for a while, she ended up wearing size 14 clothes and weighing around 150 pounds.

Daniela, 31, also developed a great deal of health issues after being on the vegan diet for eight months. She had prediabetes and even irritable bowel syndrome from the plant-based diet.

"I felt embarrassed," she said. "I became vegan after watching a documentary and I thought I was making the right moral and ethical choice, as I am very conscious of our environment."

But it didn't turn out the way she expected. "But it started affecting my health and I was gaining so much weight, I couldn't even breathe in my favorite skirt," she shared. "I could barely put it on."

In addition to the physical health issues, she also had "anxiety and low self-esteem" over the unwanted transformation she experienced. "I used to be the girl who wore short skirts, but I became this super timid person who didn't want to go out," she admitted.

Daniela suspects she became insulin resistant from the vegan diet, and it was a frightening moment for her. She knew it was time to make a change.

"When I realized I was insulin resistant too, it was very scary," she said. "There are a million things about diabetes that are terrifying, like the fact it means you have a hormonal imbalance and your body is fighting against you."

As soon as she adopted the carnivore diet and prioritized meat, her "skin started clearing" and she "just felt and looked different." She lost almost all of the weight she gained and reclaimed her muscular, toned physique.

"A carnivorous diet is not a weight loss diet, it's a body optimization diet," she explained. "It reset the way I felt. My body did what it needed to do and I feel so much better. I felt good."

Author and health coach Dave Asprey shared her story on his Instagram and said this is certainly not uncommon. "This is exactly what happened to me when I became a vegan and then a raw vegan early in my path to health," he wrote in the caption. "No amount of storytelling or wishful thinking is going to make a 100% plant-based diet healthy." "This kind of propaganda is bad for humans, and it’s bad for the planet," he concluded. "We need ruminant animals to build healthy soil, and we need healthy soil to bind carbon and to make healthy plants for us to eat."

You might want to think twice before you go vegan.

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