A Creepy Fertility Doctor Fathered 50+ Children By Inseminating His Sperm In Women's Wombs, And This New Documentary Tells The Story

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all love a good true crime film. But Netflix's latest documentary reaches a new level of creepy, and we just can't peel our eyes away.

By Gina Florio1 min read
our father

Viewers have been totally freaked out by a new trailer from Netflix that teases an upcoming documentary called Our Father, which covers the truly chilling story of a fertility doctor who illegally fathered more than 50 children.

Donald Cline Fathered 50+ Children by Artificially Inseminating Women with His Sperm

Donald Cline was a fertility doctor who reached new levels of crazy when he illegally inseminated countless women with his sperm in order to father a whole clan of children who grew up having no idea that he was their father. It may sound like the storyline of a sick fictional story, but it's very real indeed, and many adults within a 25-mile radius are just now finding out how they were conceived.

This story was reported by The Atlantic in 2019, and it was uncovered that Cline deceived many of his patients and used his own sperm to artificially inseminate them. The film covers several of Cline's biological children, who took DNA tests to find out who their real father was. The list of siblings just kept growing and growing, and they all lived just minutes away from each other.

"It was some sick experiment for him," one sibling points out. They all share blonde hair and blue eyes, and another sibling said, “It’s almost like this perfect Aryan clan.”

The documentary also covers how difficult it is for Cline to be tried for his crimes because he was never charged with rape, sexual abuse, or assault. "I don’t deny that it was a sexual violation, but legally there’s just no crime that touches this particular act," someone says in the trailer.

People are already commenting on the trailer and expressing their disdain for Cline, but they can't help but be excited about watching this upcoming documentary (which could easily double as a horror film). Our Father releases on Netflix on May 11.