A "Beauty And The Beast" Themed Bar Is Coming To Disney World And We're So Here For It

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A Beauty And The Beast Themed Bar Is Coming To Disney World And We're So Here For It
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Be still my heart, Disney just announced plans to open a “Beauty and the Beast-inspired lounge” at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Disney World.

The lounge — which is as yet unnamed — is set to open this fall and will “celebrate the magic and romance of the popular Disney live-action movie.”

Will the dishes sing and dance? Probably not. But the Disney Parks Blog says that there will be four distinct spaces inspired by the movie.

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The main bar

The main bar area will feature “a magnificent gold chandelier that takes its inspiration from Belle’s flowing ball gown, with subtle nods to the Beast’s magical rose.” What does this actually mean? I don’t know. But I totally want to find out. Maybe some sort of enormous sparkling gold rose-shaped light fixture? An artist’s rendering on the Disney Parks Blog gives a bit of a sense of what it might look like:

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The garden room

Then there will be a garden room which the Blog describes as “a whimsical space that draws its inspiration from the enchanted forest surrounding Beast’s castle.” This sounds delightful except for the fact that that particular forest was full of man-eating wolves. Presumably, those won’t be included.

The outdoor patio

An outdoor patio will be reminiscent of the Beast’s terrace. This will presumably be an excellent place for lovers to almost profess their love for one another before realizing that one of them must let the other one go in order to rescue her dying father thus condemning the first one of them to live as a beast for all time. Or … for a leisurely walk under the stars. One or the other.

The library

And, of course, the room we’ve all been waiting for: the “formal library,” which “showcases classical baroque designs and French furnishings.” Unfortunately, it seems this will not be gifted to us individually for our own personal use by a man in whom we now suddenly see “something there that wasn’t there before.” We can’t have everything.


Sadly — for those of us harboring a secret crush on Gaston — it doesn’t look like any of the rooms will use antlers in all of their decorating. The lounge seems to be inspired solely by Belle, the Beast, and their time together in the Beast’s castle. But, honestly, this is probably for the best given that a Gaston-inspired room would probably serve nothing but eggs.

But, honestly, this is probably for the best given that a Gaston-inspired room would probably serve nothing but eggs.

More info

The Beauty and the Beast lounge is not the only new feature coming to the Grand Floridian. Disney recently also announced that a new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique location would be opening there this summer. Children ages 3-12 will be able to pair up with “Fairy Godmothers-in-Training, who give them magical makeovers beyond their wildest Disney dreams, turning them into princesses or gallant knights.”

In terms of the Beauty and the Beast lounge, not much else is known as yet. The exact opening date is yet to be determined, and the menu is still a mystery — though I really hope they’ll be serving the gray stuff. (I hear it’s delicious.) The Disney Parks Blog promises more updates as they come in and urges us to keep checking their site. Refreshes page repeatedly.

Be Our Guest

For those of us who’ve been wishing since 1991 that we could just live inside the world of Beauty and the Beast, this lounge might just be a dream come true. Even those of us — like me — who don’t actually drink will be lining up to be a guest at this new Disney treasure. I mean, I’m sure they serve tea. Is it one lump, or two?

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