85,000 Children Are Missing Due To Child Trafficking And Mass Illegal Immigration Under Biden's Administration

Mass illegal migration made possible by the Biden administration's policies has resulted in hundreds of thousands of children being smuggled into the country, many of whom are sold into slavery, used for cheap labor, etc.

By Gina Florio3 min read
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Sound of Freedom, a film released by Angel Studios on Independence Day 2023, is making waves in American culture, offering a chilling and poignant depiction of worldwide pedophilia. Inspired by the life of human trafficking activist Timothy Ballard, the movie provides a harrowing and timely exploration of a growing global crisis. The film was initially shot in 2018 but was shelved by Disney following the acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Nevertheless, Sound of Freedom has already marked an impressive $10 million pre-sale in an otherwise lukewarm box office summer.

Sound of Freedom highlights the devastating reality of pedophilia and human trafficking, focusing on the story of Rocío and Miguel, siblings who disappeared following a modeling audition, a front for a sinister sale. The film is mindful of its delicate subject matter, hinting at the horrors the children endure without graphically depicting them, maintaining a PG-13 rating despite its grave subject matter.

The movie brilliantly portrays the toll that this dark world takes on Ballard and his team. We see the profound impact on their mental health through the haunting portrayal of sunken eyes and silent pain. The darkness is further accentuated by the film's cinematography, with shadow-filled frames reflecting the inner turmoil of the characters.

Jim Caviezel, known for his role as Jesus in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, delivers a captivating performance as Ballard. His commitment to the role transcended professional ambition, driven by his personal advocacy against human trafficking. Despite the professional backlash he faced, Caviezel remained dedicated to highlighting the growing problem of child sex trafficking.

Despite the lurid and disturbing elements associated with pedophilia and child trafficking, Sound of Freedom's power lies in giving a face to the statistics, epitomized in the story of the missing girl and the relentless team determined to rescue her. It's a poignant reminder of the reality millions of enslaved children face daily and an urgent call for action. It also serves as a frightening reminder that child trafficking is a devastating issue right here on American soil.

85,000 Children Are Missing Due to Child Trafficking Under Biden's Administration

A dark chapter unfolds in American history as the child trafficking crisis escalates, as reported by the Gatestone Institute. At the heart of the issue, and what may very well be one of the most shocking revelations, is the US Government's alleged role in facilitating this large scale, multi-billion-dollar operation, according to Tara Lee Rodas, testifying before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement.

With the Biden administration's more lenient immigration policies, the US is said to have transformed into an international hub for child trafficking. In an accusation by Fox News correspondent Rachel Campos-Duffy, she stated, "Under Biden, hundreds of thousands of children have come into this country illegally. Once they get here, most are sold for sex, used for cheap labor, or forced to join gangs."

The gravity of the situation is compounded by the fact that an estimated 85,000 children are currently missing. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has accused the Biden administration of presiding over the abuse of these unaccompanied minors in federal facilities. Local communities are left in the dark about the minors' length of stay or their fate once released, says Sheena Rodriguez, President of the Alliance for a Safe Texas.

This crisis, described by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as "effectively the largest human smuggling operation in American history," has its roots in what Jessica M. Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, identifies as the incentivization of mass illegal migration by the Biden administration's policies. Such actions have, unfortunately, served to benefit criminal smuggling and trafficking organizations at the cost of endangering the safety and well-being of the migrant children.

In response to the crisis, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has called for a comprehensive investigation by the FBI into the Homeland Security Department and HHS. "We need to find out," Hawley demanded, "are they deliberately or negligently turning these kids over to smugglers?" Vaughan concurs, advocating for changes in immigration laws and executive policies that are currently encouraging mass illegal migration.

With an astounding 5,118,661 encounters with illegal immigrants along the southern border since Biden took office in January 2021, according to Customs and Border Protection, the situation is far from being under control. In fiscal years 2021 and 2022, over 146,000 and 152,000 unaccompanied alien children (UACs) arrived at the border, respectively, with more than 70,000 encounters in fiscal year 2023 so far. Many of these children have reportedly been raped, exploited for forced labor, and driven into brutal circumstances to "work off" their debt by the criminal cartels controlling the Mexican side of the border.

This situation presents a devastating consequence of the Biden administration's open-border policy, highlighting a crisis that demands immediate attention and rectification. This is a call to action for federal authorities to intervene and protect the most vulnerable among us—our children.

Meanwhile, the mainstream coverage of Sound of Freedom diminishes the devastating significance of child trafficking, both globally and domestically, and instead chooses to discount the issue of child trafficking entirely, attempting to claim that the problem is all in our heads. Rolling Stone called the film a "superhero movie for dads with brainworms," adding that it would only entertain "conspiracy-addled boomers."

Feminist rag Jezebel referred to the movie as an "anti-child trafficking fantasy fit for Q-Anon." Many people replied and reminded them that the film is based on a true story and real man who has devoted his entire life to saving children from sexual abuse and enslavement.

The Guardian expressed similar sentiments, calling the movie Q-Anon nonsense.

Even when the data and statistics are offered on a silver platter, these legacy media publications refuse to admit that child trafficking is a serious issue plaguing our country and the whole world. You'd think child trafficking would be the one thing we could all agree on, but it seems as though the leftist media would rather disagree with conservatives like Caviezel than help innocent children from sexual enslavement.

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