7 Ways To Make Your Hair Look Thicker And Longer

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While changing from long to short hair can take less than 10 minutes, the reverse is much slower and requires significantly more patience.

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However, even though the hair takes ages to grow, that doesn't mean that you should be stuck waiting with limp, lifeless locks and a bitter regret for chopping it off in the first place. This is why, in this article, we've rounded up seven hairstyles that will instantly make your hair look thicker and longer, even if that's not necessarily the case.

1. Add Layers

When it comes to adding the illusion of length to your hair, layers are definitely a haircut you should consider trying out. Not only do face-framing layers suit any face shape, but by adding them, your stylist can give you much more volume and movement, which helps make your hair appear longer and fuller. Stay away from blunt, straight cuts as they more clearly define the actual length of your hair.

2. Create a Center Part

Center or middle parts are known to frame the face and highlight facial features, but they can also give the illusion of longer, fuller, and thicker hair.

No matter the texture of your hair or your face shape, a center part can be made to look flattering on you. For example, if you have a rounder face, ask your stylist to create layers around your face to help give it more definition. If you have an oval face, a middle part will likely suit you without any additional changes. And finally, if you have a heart-shaped face, a middle part with a curtain or chin-length fringe can help make your face appear more proportional.

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3. Double Ponytail

The ponytail is another hairstyle that plays a clever trick on the eyes and makes the hair appear longer, thicker, and more voluminous in a matter of seconds.

To achieve this look, start by separating your hair into two parts, with the top section being the larger piece, and pull this section into a ponytail at the back of your head. Now gather the lower section of hair and tie it into a smaller pony, just underneath the larger pony, so it tucks in seamlessly. The result is one lengthy-looking pony that's instant, easy to achieve, and simple to maintain.

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4. Clip-In Ponytail

If you don't have enough hair to work with but still occasionally want to sport a high ponytail, investing in a clip-in ponytail might be a good option. This hairstyle can be made to look classy by wearing it low or a bit sassier by pulling your hair up into a high ponytail. Additionally, the high ponytail version will also give the illusion of a facelift, which is yet another bonus of this timeless hairstyle.

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5. Add Volume

Aiming for volume is especially important for anyone with thin hair who wants to create an illusion of longer, thicker, and fuller hair. Adding volume to the roots can lift the hair and make it appear bouncier, giving it more movement and making it look fuller. Pair that with the right haircut, such as face-framing layers and a middle part, and you can feel free to say goodbye to lifeless hair and welcome in voluminous locks full of texture and dimension.

If you need some extra help achieving this look, you can always rely on an excellent volumizing spray, root-lifting spray, or talc-free baby powder. Blow drying your hair while bent over upside down or using a round brush can also give you volume. If you’re a side part die-hard, try parting your hard on the other side for extra volume on top. Additionally, a good haircare routine and regular visits to the salon can help you achieve this look without putting too much effort into styling your hair yourself.

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6. Add Texture

If you have thin hair, you may find that adding texture can help give it more body and make it appear thicker and longer. There are a number of ways to add texture to your hair, such as using a texturizing spray, sea salt spray, or a mousse, depending on your hair type and the look you're going for. You can also create texture by braiding your hair wet and allowing it to air dry or by using a curling iron or flat iron to create beachy waves or sleek, polished styles. Once you're done, don't forget to set everything in place with a good hairspray to prevent your hair from losing its shape throughout the day.

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7. Straight and Sleek

Straight hair is the hairstyle that will make your hair look longer; however, it can also make it look thinner instead of thicker if not done correctly. This is why having a great hair care routine, such as weekly oiling, scalp massages, and using products that contain nourishing and hair thickening ingredients such as biotin, is crucial if you want to get thicker and healthier hair.

Additionally, when it comes to styling, you need to prep your hair with a good heat protectant before using a high-heat straightener, as this will help prevent damaging your hair thus making it look even thinner.

As you start straightening your hair, you have to remember not to pull the root down, but instead, gently twist the straightener while at the root to give it a slight curve before continuing down the length of your strands. This technique will help prevent that flat, lifeless appearance on the root that makes the hair look thinner and will instead make your hair look fuller, thicker, and bouncier.

Lastly, if your goal is to have long, straight hair that looks sleek, shiny, and healthy, make sure to regularly trim your edges and never let them look dry, brittle, and damaged, as this will actually sabotage your hair growth and lead to more breakage up the strand.

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Closing Thoughts

Knowing how to use your hair length to your advantage can help you create the illusion of longer, thicker, and fuller hair, even if that's not necessarily the case, and the hairstyles we mentioned in this article are just a few of the ways you can do so.

Of course, keeping your hair healthy should always be your top priority, as this will not only make it look its best but will also help it grow longer and stronger, making it easier for you to style it in the ways that you want.

So, besides knowing how to style your hair in a way that would add length to it, don't forget to focus on the quality of your strands, as this will help them grow longer and appear thicker as well.

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